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Dom9 vs Reggie - No Holds Barred 224

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

 The Continuing Sexual Tension Wrestling on the Mat between Dom9 vs Reggie Budding Bromance

Dom9 and Reggie get a pump at the gym preparing for their rematch that led to Reggie being crowned the king of No Holds Barred wrestling. Want to watch Reggie throw up 315 lbs on the bench press like it's nothing?

The two bodybuilders get face to face on the mat and Reggie surprises Dom with a peck on the lips! Dom retaliates choking Reggie until Reggie wraps Dom up in a chest to chest bearhug. The sexual tension fills the air as the testosterone from the bodybuilders increase! Sweat begins to pour and Dom pins Reggie down shoving Reggie's face between his chiseled pecs. Reggies worships Dom's chest while Dom smashes him into the mat with a schoolboy pin! 

Reggie is obviously getting turned on and he shoves Dom aggressively grabbing him with a ball claw. He returns the schoolboy pin to Dom and while flexing for the camera. Ass slapping and muscle grabbing gets more and more aggressive as Dom asserts his power and dominance on Reggie! Reggie fights out when he wants to be on top. The intensity peaks and valleys between hard and powerful wrestling and muscle worship! A fierce test of strength shows you just which bodybuilder is stronger! 

Dom hits Reggie with a vicious low blow before lifting him over his shoulders and slamming him into the mat! Dom and Reggie slip and slide all over each others' muscles before Reggie locks in a sleeper. Dom flips the 260 lbs Reggie over his shoulders and gets in his own rear sleeper hold. Will Reggie pass out? 

The competition gets very real and very intense. A series of brutal bearhugs and dirty moves will decide who wins. Will Dom get his revenge and crown of No Holds Barred King back?