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Dom9 vs Santiago - 4K05

$ 25.95

Standing toe to toe, Dom9 and Santiago size up their opponent, grabbing their bulging biceps and beefy pecs before shoving each other around. "I heard you've been away!" taunts Dom9 taking Santiago down in a tight full nelson. Santiago breaks free as the wrestlers roll around pinning each other down and muscle worshipping their rock-hard bodies. "I'm back! Give!" orders Santiago mounting Dom9's abs choking him into the ground. Dom9 gasps for air as Santiago smothers Dom9's face with his chiseled abs and does push-ups on top of Dom9. Brutal forearms to the stomach has Dom9 launching Santiago across the mat to escape. "You're back, huh? You're not very flexible!" mocks Dom9 mounting Santiago's back, stretching out his legs, pinning his arms behind his head. Santiago groans in pain finally breaking free as the wrestlers get down and dirty. Elbows to the ribs, forearm blows, ball claws, and gut punches lead to Dom9 and Santiago on their knees crushing each other's skulls between their powerful quads! The muscle worship gets even hotter as Dom9 wraps Santiago in a tight sleeper and mounts his chest burying Santiago's face between his tree-trunk quads. Struggling for air, Santiago flips Dom9 over to escape, gut punches his abs, and chokes Dom9 into the mat squeezing harder and harder! "Give!" orders Santiago as Dom9 strains to escape; his beefy muscles going limp passing out. Santiago towers over his victim forcing him awake as the intense muscle worship continues on the mat and pinned tight to the wall. A skull-splitting face-first head scissors, brutal arm/leg stretches, elbow drop, and vicious ball claws lead to a crushing knockout and final battle in the bedroom of horrors!