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Dom9 vs Silas - Lightning Match 16

$ 34.75

Suddenly, without warning, Dom9 walked up to Silas and delivered a resounding slap knocking whatever Silas is holding flying across the room. Silas, not one to be taken lightly, retaliated immediately, yanking Dom9 up in a chest-to-chest bearhug that squeezed the air out of his lungs. But Dom9 was quick to counter, catching Silas off guard with a rear sleeper hold that sent a shiver down his spine. Dom counters the hold with a rear sleeper and Dom's hands started to wander all over Silas's body, leaving him confused and disoriented. He slams Silas onto the mat and peels his arm behind his back, nearly snapping it in the process. Dom flips Silas over and places him in front-facing head scissors that squeezed Silas's face deeper and deeper between his legs.

Silas managed to break free by stretching Dom's legs as far as they could go, leaving Dom9 writhing in pain. As Silas flexed his arms, he jumped on top of Dom9, pinning him down in a dirty schoolboy pin. But Dom9 was not about to give up so easily. He fought back by grabbing Silas's balls to break free and raining down brutal gut punches. He then pulled Silas into a body scissors, gripping his ribs with his massive legs. Silas began to choke under Dom's bicep around his neck, but he managed to flip Dom over and get him into a tight side headlock. Dom fought hard to break free, but his eyes began to roll back and he started to breathe heavily. Does Silas have a grip too tight for Dom to break?! Download now and witness the fight for dominance!