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Dom9 vs Sparrow - Custom Video Series 133

$ 34.75

Dom9 is standing poolside flexing and getting some sun in a blue thong when Sparrow steps outside and grabs a handful of bicep. A quick rub down leads Sparrow to ask Dom if he is ready for his greco-roman wrestling practice. Sparrow is a bit frustrated when Dom begins to fight against his lesson plan. Sparrow is trying to teach him an under-hook and clasp, but Dom just goes in a yanks him into a massive bearhug. A quick pause starts up the practice session again, but all Dom does is squeeze Sparrow in bearhugs. Eventually, Dom starts to see the appeal of knowing some actual wrestling moves and not just bearhugs. Sparrow shows his experience and wraps Dom up while, of course, taking time to grab and prod his muscles. Dom soon goes back to what he knows best and wraps Sparrow up in massive bearhugs. Sparrow begins to give in liking the body contact and massaging the perfectly defined muscles on Dom. Sparrow and Dom have an epic flex-off with great shots of both wrestlers showing off their muscles and admiring each other closely. That is until Dom decides it is time for some more bearhugs. Bear-hugging Sparrow from his knees, Dom takes advantage of his wrapped up victim in every way he can before standing up and lifting Sparrow up over his shoulders.(Seeing as they are both in thongs, this is a great scene!) Sparrow gets too hot and sweaty and decides he wants to go inside. Both sweaty guys move inside where they towel each other off and get ready for the mat room. Sparrow stipulates that there are no more bearhugs and begins to get his position on Dom, but the bearhug was obviously coming and Sparrow gets lifted up in a tight chest to chest bearhug. He is visibly angry and frustrated and starts to yell at Dom to stop bearhugs, but Dom has heard enough and covers Sparrow's mouth with his hand before dropping him to the mat. With Sparrow helpless, Dom goes down and locks in another tight bearhug on the mat. Dom will not let go of the bearhugs and squeezes Sparrow in different positions until a lifted chest to chest bearhug  wears Sparrow down to the point to where he passes out! Dom holds his victim until slow lowering him down and flexing over his lifeless body. Will that be the end of the lesson? Until later...