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Dom9 vs Stallion - Custom Video Series 134

$ 34.75

Dom9 and Stallion square off on the mat in Vegas. Stallion took a break from wrestling while making a move to the islands and while he has been gone, Dom9 has shot to super star status on the Thunders Roster. But, Stallion is back to show everyone he is the man. In a 3 round contest, both Dom and Stallion take it to each other. When Stallion can't shake off the rust in the first round Dom controls his larger opponent easily. He eventually gets Stallion in a schoolboy pin stretching his leg out and making Stallion tap out! Round 2 starts out differently with a warmed up Stallion taking Dom down. However, Dom pulls out a veteran move and locks Stallion up in a TIGHT rear sleeper and puts Stallion out. Having to slap him awake, Dom flexes in Stallion's face. Stallion catches Dom off guard for the next round lifting him up over his shoulders and easily carrying him around the Las Vegas villa. Taking him down in an arm lock, Dom attempts to counter eventually locking up Stallion in a standing head scissors. Stallion claws at Dom's trunks nearly pulling them off until eventually succumbing to Dom's powerful legs and passing out. The matchup gets dirty with Stallion hitting a vicious low blow on Dom while he flexes over him. Dom returns the favor dropping Stallion. The two bodybuilders fight back and forth testing each others' power with a mix of muscle worship. Stallion more than warms up and begins to overwhelm Dom with his strength and size. Will Stallion reclaim the top dog title at Thunders Arena?