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Dom9 vs Stevie - Mat Rats 153

$ 31.25

Bumping chests erupts into aggressive wrestling when Stevie decides he wants to measure his ego up against Dom9. Dom throws him into a side headlock before dropping onto the mat HARD! The fight instantly turns dirty when Dom leaps onto Stevie's chest and grabs a ball claw! Stevie fights dirty right back grabbing a ball claw to get out of a head scissors between Dom's massive quads. Stevie jumps on Dom using a schoolboy pin to lock down all 210 pounds of Dom's muscle. Using a Boston crab Stevie yanks on Dom's lower back. A side headlock leaves Stevie open for another dirty move from Dom sending him writhing on the mat in pain! Dom then lifts Stevie off the ground in a smothering chest to chest bearhug trying to snap his spine! He notices Stevie has nipple rings and decides to taste them biting down! Dom wants to take some time to worship Stevie's muscles and forces his to flex while sitting on his face. Dom toys with Stevie before deciding to put him to sleep. He locks in a rear sleeper and Stevie can't fight out! Stevie goes out leaving Dom with an unconscious toy to play with. He runs his hands all over Stevie's body and contemplates locking lips. Will he do it?!

Stevie wakes up ANGRY about Dom putting him out! Confused about what happened he attacks! He lifts Dom over his shoulders! Dom must calm Stevie down so he locks a chest to chest bearhug squeezing until Stevie gives in! Using bearhugs, full nelsons, and power moves to make Stevie calm down, Stevie does as Dom wishes. In a final display of power, Dom lifts Stevie over his head in a DOMINATING GORILLA PRESS!