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Dom9 vs Striker - Battlespace 140

Dom9 vs Striker - Battlespace 140

$ 25.95

Get ready as a rookie is about to cross the line like NEVER BEFORE and suffer the beating of his life! "It's a f**king joke right; are you wearing a bra? Put your tits away!" orders the newbie setting his sights on the master of pain. "I'll wear whatever the f**k I want! You f**king old enough to be here?" mocks Dom9 tired of rookies making fun of his wrestling gear; his blood boiling ready to RIP his disrespectful prey apart! Out of nowhere, Striker barrels in for an attack but is met with a vicious meathook clothesline nearly taking off his head!following by wrapping his tree-trunk quads around the lightweight in SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. Groaning in pain, Striker tries desperately to pry apart the viselike grip as Dom9 takes his scissors to the mat. "Bra-man, no one messes with my f**king hair!" yells the arrogant rookie powerless to escape until he is let go for back to back RIB-CRACKING body scissors. Dom9 releases his killer quads and mounts the 165lbs prey's abs STRETCHING out his legs while pinning him down. Desperate to break free, Striker lifts the 190 pounder up and down finally rolling him over for some payback. "Come on!" taunts the lightweight HAMMERING the master of pain's chiseled abs as he groans in pain straining to pin him down. Dom9 overpowers the cocky rookie turning him over and SMOTHERS his face with his beefy pecs before dragging him face-first into crushing head scissors, Wedged deep between his tree-trunk quads in one of the HOTTEST head scissors you have ever seen, Striker goes limp and passes out in the powerful embrace.. A massive tie-up has Striker tackling the vet struggling for a pin as he's BENCH PRESSED into the air and caught in mid-air body scissors rolled to the mat. Groaning in agony, the rookie DRILLS the vet's chiseled abs harder and harder to break free rolling him into a tight cradle but only gets a one count. Dom9 then wrapping his powerful pythons around in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson pulling Striker back down for a crushing body scissors. Struggling for air, Striker finally escapes locking on a tight sleeper SHAKING the shredded hunk of side to side. Fueled by rage, the master of pain rises to his feet with the sleeper locked in tight but crumbles back down to the mat. "Come on Bra-Boy!" taunts the rookie as the behemoth nearly passes out but escapes rolling his cocky prey in a grueling leg lock, "Tap!" The intense pressure has Striker's bones nearly SNAPPING, and he is forced to submit. The sinister Dom9 forces his victim to tap out more before letting him go. Begging for mercy, the rookie is finally let go and slowly recovers to his feet still taunting the behemoth. Furious at the disrespect, Dom9 LAUNCHES the rookie to the mat lifting him in a crushing belly to belly bearhug then grueling body scissors, "Tap, give up! I'll just f**king pin you; that's easy, one, two, three!" taunts Dom9 rolling the rookie over in his scissors for the pin. Striker battles back wrapping the giant in a tight full nelson BENDING him over face-first to the mat, "How flexible are you boy?" Dripping with sweat, Dom9 FLIPS his victim onto his back dragging him into a skull-crushing standing head scissors. Groaning in pain, the rookie is lifted in an upside-down belly to back bearhug and tossed down struggling to get up. The behemoth flexes his rock-hard biceps when Striker pounces with a MID-AIR scissor/sleeper combo! Gasping for air, Dom9 crumbles to the mat with the hold locked in tight, "Talk that s**t now!" Striker rolls the winded vet to his back stretching him out and pins down his arms, "Come on, how do you like your own move boy?" Stretch those hips!" Leg sleeper, gut punches, two-handed choke, meathook clothesline, a DEVASTATING standing head scissors! "You ain't going anywhere!" threatens the winner; his victim powerless to escape his impending doom.