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Dom9 vs Tristan - Lightning Match 21

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Dom and Tristan lock up in a test of strength and Dom bends Tristan over backwards displaying his sheer power! Tristan isn't backing down and turns up the heat coming back and slamming Dom backwards on the mat. Dom takes control running his hands all over Tristan's shredded physique and Tristan does the same back to Dom. Until both men lock back up rolling each other around the mat and stretching their limbs to their limits! Dom gets back control with a deep rear sleeper and Tristan has to counter with a dirty move! Tristan wraps his shredded legs around Dom's and starts to squeeze until it is torturously tight! Dom distracts Tristan with the peak of his biceps and Tristan can't help but worship. Dom catches him off guard and gets him in a tight front facing head scissors! Tristan fights for air but cannot get out of Dom's tree trunk quads.

Dom transitions over Tristan's back and locks in a double chicken wing while grinding the hold in deeper and deeper as Tristan yells in pain! Tristan cannot crawl out of the hold and Dom teases letting him go over and over. Tristan breaks free from a full nelson and goes back to attacking Dom's legs. He uses a leg scissors to squeeze Dom. In a final sequence of events, Dom yanks Tristan off the ground in a vicious bearhug slamming him against the wall and dropping him to the mat still holding the bearhug! Will Tristan tap out in Dom's bearhug? Or will he counter and finish the match himself? Download Today and find out!