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Dominic vs Atom - Bearhug Challenge 09

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Newly released from our vault

Big thick powerhouse Dom the Dominator takes on the tough and impressive newcomer Atom, who shows fans once again that he can take on the big studs of Thunders arena. In this match, Atom is giving up about 30 pounds in muscle weight against fan favorite Dom the Dominator, but he shows no hesitation in accepting a bearhug challenge from Dom. Dom starts off giving fans an eyeful of his magnificent body, looking both smoking hot and intimidating in a purple speedo. The Dominator also gives us plenty of impressive moves in this match, squeezing the life out of smaller Atom over and over, showing his dominance on the mat. Tough, muscular, Atom proves hes not someone to mess with on the mat, telling fans hes been wrestling for nine years and hes ready to take out the Dominator, who looks weak. For fans who like seeing a smaller tough guy manhandle a big guy, this video has got some scenes you dont want to miss. As always, the Dominator is incredible to watch and this is a must see match for Dom fans. Atom puts in another impressive performance as he proves to his growing fan base that this tough grappler is not only hot to look at, he can really own an opponent, even the big guys.


Surprise bonus match included when you buy the DVD!