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Dominic Atom Headscissors submission hold submit thighs

Dominic vs Atom - Rough & Ready 65

$ 31.25

Dom the Dominator is back, looking bigger and better, in near contest condition. Flashing his trademark smile and arrogance, he flexes and pumps preparation to meet the challenger. Atom is also making impressive gains, adding size and strength as well, so the outcome of this encounter isn't as easy to predict as it may been in the past. But Dom wants to assert his superior status and get rid of any competition. Dom bearhugs Atom, lifting him off his feet. He drops Atom over his knee in a backbreaker, and with a vicious elbow jab to Atom's exposed abs, tosses him to the mat. With another bearhug, Dom introduces his new "secret weapon": a suffocating hand over Atom's mouth and nose. After putting Atom in a punishing full nelson, he allows Atom some time to struggle to his feet. But Dom's always on the aggressive, and immediately gets Atom in a front headlock, adding an elbow jab to the back as a painful accent. Now Dom's on Atom's back, working the elbow and shoulder. With his legs locked tightly around Atom's neck, he traps both arms and proceeds to choke Atom, occasionally jabbing his gut with a sharp elbow until finally relenting. Beginning another brutal assault, Dom manhandles Atom down onto the mat into a full nelson, covering his mouth, cutting off his air supply, with his powerful legs squeezing Atom's tortured lungs. Dom's sadistic shoulder and pec stretch is made more brutal as Dom wrenches Atom's head back and tears into his neck. Dom rolls Atom over onto his stomach and again onto his back, disorienting him, while maintaining the choke hold til Atom is severely weakened. Dom wraps his legs around Atom's throat until he's nearly unconscious. Triumphant, Dom rises, and thrusts Atom's head between his mighty thighs, then takes the struggle to the mat again. With Atom's head squashed between his legs, Dom grabs an ankle and cranks Atom's back into a painful arch, then pounds his pecs and abs for good measure. Employing his "secret weapon", Dom doesn't even notice Atom's feeble, futile attempts to tap out. Dom mounts Atom's back, wrenches his shoulder and continues his suffocating hold, as Atom thrashes and kicks, desperate to escape. But Dom rolls Atom onto his back, with his arms trapped under him, and focuses on suffocating his dazed opponent...toying with his unfortunate victim in a "cat and mouse" game that certain not to end well. Incredibly, Atom rises and surprises Dom with a big bearhug. Dom goes to the well one too many times, and his efforts to stifle Atom's breathing are useless. Atom clamps on his bearhug, and Dom howls in pain. Atom hoists Dom onto his shoulder and then drops him all the way to the mat, and now it's Dom's turn to suffer. Atom seems to prepare Dom for a pile driver... but the inverted bear hug has its intended effect, inflicting momentary damage to Dom's body and his confidence. Atom tosses Dom away and stomps on his spine, as payback. When Atom gloats over Dom, he forgets that the champ has a million dirty tricks at his disposal... A vicious low blow buckles Atom's knees and Dom is quick to get him into a single- then double ax-handle, forcing Atom to rack himself with his own arms. Dom flexes in triumph, enjoying his advantage at any cost, then covers Atom's mouth as he drives his back to the nearby wall, and unleashes a barrage of punches to Atom's gut, until he sags in agony, dropping to his knees. Dom takes Atom back to the wall for more punishment, depriving him of air while continuing to demolish his abs, With Atom writhing on the mat in pain, Dom rolls him over into a camel clutch, and reasserts his suffocating "secret weapon", adding a vicious shoulder stretch on his stunned victim. Dom flexes in triumph once again, as Atom slowly struggles to his knees. Dom chokes Atom, covers his mouth, drives him back to the wall for another gut punch assault, until Atom drops to the mat. Rising very slowly now, Atom is trapped in Dom's ab stretch, deprived of air, and elbowed in the abs and intercoastals. Unbelievably, Atom digs deep and manages to hoist Dom onto his shoulder, then stun him with a drop to the mat and jumping on top of him. But Dom flips over and stuggles into a schoolboy pin on Atom. He's had it with this kid- and wants to end it, so he once again suffocates Atom, flexing over him as he begins to fade. Will Atom rise one more time, like the phoenix, to claim a stunning win - or will The Dominator prove worthy of his name, and his Thunder's Arena Champion status?