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Dominic vs Kratos - Rough & Ready 46

$ 31.25

Big powerful Dominic is complaining about having to wrestle some new guy whose name he doesnt even know when bearded, muscle beast Kratos slams into him. Kratos wrestling background is apparent as the two big guys roll around on the mat, each trying to get the advantage. Kratos calls big Dom a puny little shrimp as he grabs him by the neck and throws him down. Admiring his own power, Kratos flexes his huge guns in a double bi and gives a cocky grin. The thickly muscled newcomer puts big Dom in a headlock and mocks him for not knowing his name. After two powerful bearhugs, belly to back and belly to belly, the hairy chested power lifting champ throws the stunned Dominic down and plants his foot on Doms stomach while he does another double bi. Then Kratos sits on Doms stomach, pins his arms down and asks Whats my name? Dom says Claude. Kratos rolls Dom onto his belly, straddles him with his massive legs and tells Dom hes pathetic. Dom retaliates, picking the muscleman up, slamming him to the mat and locking on a body scissors. After an elbow shot to Kratos chest, Dom shifts the scissors to the neck. Kratos reverses things and puts Dominick in a scissors, making him feel the power in his tree trunk legs. As he squeezes big Doms midsection, the muscles in Kratos huge thighs bulge like steel cables. With a maniacal grin on his face, Kratos asks Dom if he feels weak and calls him a useless mortal. Kratos humiliates Dom further by keeping him in the excruciating leg scissors until Dom says Kratos name. After some arrogant victory posing which puts his thickly muscled body on display, Kratos laughs at the beaten Dominic, wiping the sweat from his big hairy chest and throwing the towel on Dom, telling him to get up. The bearded bully continues Doms humiliation, putting him in a side headlock, calling him a little bitch and asking Dom if he wants his mommy. The arrogant Kratos gets off on his domination, saying The weak always surrender to Kratos. After rolling Dom up for a quick pin, Kratos laughs and says Feels so good being victorious as usual. Then Dom drops the arrogant tough guy with a cheap shot. My turn Dom says as he finally retaliates against the powerful Kratos with a couple of scissor holds and elbow shots to the chest. Dom even does a little posing while he holds Kratos down with a knee to Kratos back. But Kratos re-gains control, locking Dom into a crushing belly to belly bearhug, putting Kratos huge back and beefy glutes on display while he punishes Dom with the hold. Dom breaks out and the big muscle hunks trade bear hugs and full nelsons back and forth. Dom picks Kratos up and slams the big guy to the mat, followed by four elbow smashes. But Kratos is just too tough and powerful to be beaten. Kratos lands some gut punches then slams Dom to the mat, his arrogant laugh returning. Then Kratos really goes sadistic, squeezing Doms head between his thick powerful thighs, laughing while Dom begs him to stop. Dom says I give over and over before the merciless Kratos finally lets him out of the hold. But Kratos still isnt done punishing Dom. After slamming Dom to the mat, Kratos locks his legs around Doms head once again. Dom yells No repeatedly, but Kratos tells Dom to beg. Dominic gives multiple times, but thats not enough for Kratos massive ego. Kratos asks Dom to say his name. Barely able to speak because of the pressure on his head from Kratos powerful legs, Dom finally manages to say Kratos before passing out. As the arrogant Kratos proudly stands over the beaten Dominic, he laughs and says Victory again. Kratos is a one dominant beast. You wont want to miss this match.