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Dominic vs Marco - Battlespace 83

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Big Dominic the Dominator gets on the mat with Marco, one of the newest additions to the Thunders roster. Marco gives up a lot of size to big beefy Dom, but the lean, muscular newcomer has lots of experience on the wrestling mat and shows no fear or lack of confidence as Dom flexes his huge muscles in front of him and makes fun of Marcos name and the size of his arms. Along with some other trash talk involving Doms trunks and his mother and sister, scrappy Marco criticizes the amount of Doms body fat, saying he has just one ab. When Marco steps in front of Dom to show off his incredible ripped, rock hard abs, Dom decides hes heard enough from the cocky rookie and puts Marco in a full nelson. With an impressive display of his skill and strength, Marco escapes the full nelson and taunts big Dom saying Cant even hold me. When they get down on the mat, the action is pretty intense, with Doms superior power matched by Marcos skill and quickness. Hes really working me. Dom says in frustration as he tries to muscle the smaller guy into submission. Clearly faster than big Dom, Marco gets behind the big man for a take-down, followed by an attempted cradle, but Dom powers out. Then its Dom who grabs Marco from behind for a lift and carry followed by a belly to belly bear hug. Then Dom puts Marco against the wall and starts punching Marcos lean tight abs. But Marco is a scrappy fighter, and he ends the gut punching with a knee to Doms gut. Then Marco pushes big Dom against the wall for some gut punches of his own. The action returns to the mat and Marco gets a takedown by grabbing Doms leg with one of his lightning fast moves. With Dom down, Marco sits on the big guy and applies a camel clutch, calmly asking big Dom if his back hurts and if he wants to give up. Confident in his control of big Dominic, Marco puts him into a humiliating school boy pin, flexing over Dom and asking him What happened to all that muscle? Enraged, the Dominator powers out of the humiliating position and puts the disrespectful Marco into a school boy pin, flexing his huge guns, telling Marco Nobody teabags Dominic. Marco escapes and puts Dom into a scissors asking Dom in his confident, condescending voice, Whats wrong? Cant breathe? Dom powers out and applies a leg scissors, telling Marco Now its my turn. Marco slips out of the hold, sits on Doms big back and applies a series of holds which end with Dom in another leg scissors, squirming to get free. Marco teases the big man, telling him Keep fighting. Come on. Frustrated, Dom lands a dirty shot. Then he puts agonized Marco into an abdominal stretch, with some elbow smashes to the ribs to break the little guy, telling him, Now you are going to give up. Incredibly, Marco manages another take down of the big Dominator, and then gets some revenge with a school boy pin, rubbing his junk right in Doms face, asking the big muscleman how he likes it and if he thinks hes stronger than Marco. After they break, Dom decides to use his tremendous power to maximum advantage and quickly puts Marco into a torture rack over his huge shoulders. Marco gives, but Dom wants to punish the rookie some more so he puts him into a crucifix, making Marco submit again. Dom releases poor Marco, only to clamp the little guy into a belly to back bear hug. Satisfied that he has shown the little guy who is boss, Dom does some serious flexing. Marco rubs and admires Doms big muscles, seemingly submissive to the big guy who just punished him so mercilessly. But Marcos worship of Dom is just a way to get close enough to deliver a brutal dirty shot. With Dom in agony, Marco puts him into a side headlock and tells him to go to sleep. When powerful Dominic finally passes out, the tough little wrestler puts his foot on Doms big chest and flexes to celebrate his victory over the big muscleman. Totally hot from start to finish.