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Dominic vs Mutant - Bodybuilder Battle 70

Dominic vs Mutant - Bodybuilder Battle 70

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

Dominic starts by circling Mutant, picking apart his body. Mutant stands there, silent, unfazed by Dominic's words, staring straight ahead, Dominic continues trying to get into Mutant's head, with no success. Dom starts flexing to show he's bigger, which brings Mutant to life. Dominic does reverse bear hugs only to find himself countered and put into full nelsons. Mutant is unable to take him down and does a sleeper choke on him. Dominic slips to the side and attempts a body scissors against Mutant's wall of impenetrable abs. Dominic finds himself in a cradle he can't get out of and almost gets pinned 1...2...3... When he gets thrown back down to the mat, Mutant starts choke lifting Dom, carrying him around by the throat before throwing him back to the mat for more body scissors. Dominic counters with some gut punching, leading to a camel clutch. Mutant carries Dominic around and slams him to the mat, putting him in a head scissors that overcomes Dominic due to the sheer power. You'll have to see what Dominic does to get his revenge...