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Dominic vs Octane - Christmas Chaos 2011B

Dominic vs Octane - Christmas Chaos 2011B

$ 31.59

Newly released from our vault

Big Sexy and Dominic get into an argument over who is the better fighter. So to test their skills they decide to each pick a fight with whoever is around. The two unfortunate wrestlers are The All American Kid and Octane, our two newest wrestlers. Both are out to prove that they are tough enough to be here in Thunders Arena, and Big Sexy and Dominic are out to prove who is the better fighter and not loose. Its an all out brawl in two separate matches with an exciting conclusion with the two losers being made into a Christmas tree. As if that weren't humiliating enough some extra special stuff was used to decorate our human Christmas Tree you don't want to miss. 

Surprise bonus match included when you buy the DVD!

Part 1 of this Christmas Chaos Showdown starts in the kitchen. Big Sexy in his festive apron has been baking holiday cookies for 7 HOURS! He asks Dominic if he wants some. "Not ones you make!" Dominic tries a cookie anyway, and Big Sexy SMASHES it in his face! "These taste like shit!" 
Dominic KNOCKS the cookies to the ground. Big Sexy PUSHES him on the couch, "Never knock my cookies down!" He BODY SCISSORS Dominic trying to shove more cookies down his mouth. "Wait, Why are we even fighting? Let's see who can kick someone else's ass the best?" Dominic agrees, "We'll let the audience see whose better!"
Octane and Tak are on the patio watching this cookie conundrum. "You guys talking to us? I think they know better. You guys want a piece of this Christmas action?" asks Tak. The vets have their eyes on their victims and walk out to confront the rookies!
"Hey babyface, come over here!" Big Sexy HEADLOCKS Tak DRAGGING him back into the house. Dominic CLOTHESLINES Octane; their match is on!
"I'll take you on all day, Dominic the Dingleberry!" Octane sure has some balls to insult the vet. Dominic is PISSED, picks Octane up in a FIREMAN'S CARRY, and throws him down! The vet flexes his boulder biceps, "Is this Dominic the Dingleberry? Get up!" He OVERHEAD PRESSES Octane with ONE hand and BODYSLAMS him to the mat!
"Look at you. You're a chump, thinking you could be on Thunder's Arena?" A MASSIVE full nelson, over the shoulder takedown, and RIB-CRUSHING body scissor, Dominic wants this rookie to suffer! "Once I get out of this!" yells Octane.
Dominic flexes, "Big Sexy thinks he's got something on me!" The veteran delivers a tight Boston crab as the rookie SCREAMS in pain! Dominic grabs Octane's wrists while holding the Boston crab and swings him back and forth. "It's like my little ball sack! Smile for that camera."
Dominic picks Octane up in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. The rookie recovers, LOW BLOWS Dominic, and delivers a vicious DDT! GUT PUNCHES, CHOKES, and SLAPS! Octane mocks, "Whose the big guy now? Make you my lunch, little meatball!" Dominic yells, "I'm gonna kill you!" 
The veteran escapes and BEARHUGS Octane on the mat! He straddles him pinning his arms behind his head. "How you feeling?" Dominic delivers a RIB-CRUSHING body scissor. The rookie is coughing and gasps for air! "Octane? Who is Octane?" mocks Dominic.
Dominic orders Octane up and applies a MASSIVE sleeper! He pulls him in the house where Big Sexy is sitting on Tak on the couch. "Took you long enough," Big Sexy gets up and DRAGS Tak outside for his match. "I'm timing you!" says Dominic as he sits on Octane CRUSHING him into the couch. 
The action continues in Christmas Chaos Part 2: Big Sexy vs Tak. Who will dominate their opponent the best, Big Sexy or Dominic? Watch as these 1 on 1 matches turn into a TAG TEAM TORTURE MATCH!