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Dominic vs Rocco - Battlespace 65

$ 34.75

Rocco has been a fan of the site for over 2 years, he actually tried to contact us a year ago and Mr. Mike said he did not have the look Thunder's was hiring for at this time. Well Rocco hit the gym and did his cardio and made all the changes in his diet to get the look Thunder's would hire. Now one year later he is on the mat and ready to take on the best! Starting out against Dominic may not be the best idea but hay he's Rocco the rookie so he has no fear! The battle starts out with them really going at it but Dominic is not called the dominator for nothing. He tears into Rocco with all he has got and starts crushing him with body scissors and bear hugs left and right. Dominic is brutal in his attacks and will not let Rocco even catch his breath before he starts slamming him up into a choke lift and rocking him down into the wall for some serious gut punching. Over the knee backbreakers and school boy pins are next on the assault list for Rocco to endure and Dominic just tries to break the little guys will to even be here. Dominic at 215 lbs and Rocco at 165 lbs is a classic Big vs Little match you want to add to your collection.