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Dominic Viggo leg full Nelson thighs arms submission

Dominic vs Viggo - Rough & Ready 66

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

With both wrestlers in such ripped condition, it's no wonder their poolside encounter begins with some flexing and smack talk - these two athletes have never looked better. But all this testosterone-driven posing quickly gives way to a brutal bearhug when Dom insists on asserting is dominating superiority. He lifts Viggo off his feet and drops him onto the mat, then re-applies the bearhug, transitioning to a painful half nelson on Viggo. Dom pins Viggo's big arms behind his wide back and rolls him onto his back, pinning his arms under him, rendering them useless. Dom proceeds to punish Viggo's 6-pack, dropping several well-placed elbows to the midsection for added punishment. When the guys lock up again, Viggo quickly grabs Dom's wrist and cranks it between his legs, as an axehandle variation, clearly intended to inflict pain on Dom's groin. With Dom writhing on the mat, Viggo poses triumphantly over him. Then Viggo grabs Dom by the throat, and transitions into a full nelson down on the mat, with his legs wrapped around Dom's ribcage. Viggo pulls Dom up to his feet, which may have been a mistake- because Dom then maneuvers Viggo into a full nelson, with his legs wrapped around Viggo's torso, adding a crotch split in revenge. Dom punches Viggo's tight abs, until he's had enough and powers out. Viggo drops Dom over his knee in a backbreaker, but not for long- he recovers quickly and puts a full nelson on Viggo, eventually getting one ankle behind Viggo's neck, putting incredible strain on it. Dom proceeds to hyper-extend Viggo's left elbow and try for several near-pin falls, with Viggo rocking his body to keep his shoulders from the mat. But this heroic effort eventually tires Viggo, so in a desperate retaliation, he grabs Dom's wrist and pulls it hard into Dom's crotch.Using his weighty muscularity, Viggo drops Dom to the mat, never releasing that wrist...but Dom eventually struggles free. Now Dom is furious, and in an explosive attack, presses Viggo over his head, then racks him on his shoulders. Dom presses Viggo again, and back into the excruciating rack, then into a fireman carry over one shoulder, finally kneeling so he can drop Viggo down over than bent knee. With some brutal elbows to Viggo's midsection and inner thigh, he flings the agonized Viggo to the mat. Unfortunately, Dom's arrogance gets the better of him and has he struts and poses, Viggo seizes the opportunity to deliver a stunning low blow to Dom, then puts him into a tight cradle. Three times he nearly pins Dom, then finally succeeds, and flexing over his opponent, he believes he's weaked The Dominator once and for all. But Dom is not so easily defeated, and slams a low blow into Viggo's groin, then claps on a camel clutch. Stretching Viggo's chest and shoulders beyond belief, he inflicts more pain with some stomps to Viggo's lower back. Dom then wraps his big legs around Viggo's abs and proceed to crush his ribs, while also putting strain on his left elbow. Quads flexing, Dom applies all the squeezing power he can to Viggo's midsection, and satisfied by the suffering he's inflicted, he flings Viggo aside on the mat, and flexes over him. But Dom isn't finished yet- he thrusts Viggo's head between his thighs and proceeds to crush his skull. Dom grabs Viggo's wrists to prevent him from struggling, while wrenching his shoulders and straining his chest, then stepping over Viggo's torso, pulls his chin back, putting unbelievable strain on his victim's neck. Taking it to the mat, Dom traps Viggo's head in his bent knee and crushes his throat with his calf and shin, until Viggo is nearly unconscious. Once again, Dom isn't finishing inflicting punishment on his challenger. He grabs Viggo's ankles and arching his back, applies a cruel Crab , then sits into it for added pressure on Viggo's lower back. Finally Dom drops Viggo's ankles, so he can enjoy watching him writhe in pain. Sadistically, Dom grabs one of Viggo's ankles and pries his legs apart in a devastating crotch split, which also strains Viggo's injured back. Dom punches Viggo's kidneys and lower spine, then hauls him up to his feet and against the wall, so he can begin bashing those rippling abs. He pins Viggo's arms behind his back, stretches out his chest, and slams Viggo into a nearby pillar, face first, punching his lower back for good measure, even slamming his knee into Viggo's tailbone. With Viggo nearly destroyed, Dom lifts him onto his shoulders, and bounces him to amplify the pain. Adding insult to injury, Dom grabs Viggo's thigh and neck and wraps him around his neck, to crush Viggo's aching ribs. Despite Viggo's submissive screams, Dom is oblivious to the sobbing cries of "I give!" What other sadistic punishments does Dom have in mind, to teach Viggo a lesson he'll never forget? Don't miss this chance to see two phenomenally conditioned athletes battle it out, to a finish that leaves no doubt at to who is superior!