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Welsh double bicep flex arms back

Dominic vs Welsh - Bearhug Challenge 16

$ 31.25

Beefy muscle beast, Dominic the Dominator walks onto the Thunders Arena mat with a nasty purple bruise on his big, thick right pec. He got the bruise from a cheap shot by the new wrestler at Thunders, tall, muscular, tough guy Welsh. Dom is used to being obeyed since most people realize how easily he can dominate with his powerful body, so he tells Welsh that he can make up for the cheap shot by cleaning the mat. Welsh, who is not only tall, dark, handsome and hot, but pretty damn intimidating at 6'4" and 225 lbs. in a bright yellow square cut that really shows off his perfect ass and bulging package, has no interest in cleaning the mat. Dom starts doing some flexing to let the new guy know what he is messing with. Its a pretty incredible sight as Dom shows off his huge guns with an amazing double bi, his skin tight trunks stretched over his big muscular ass and massive legs. Welsh is unimpressed and starts flexing his own big guns, telling Dom, Thats nothing as he looks down at the shorter Doms huge arms. We get some great camera shots of Welshs impressive glutes and big, heavy, package while he is flexing. The Dominator is clearly anxious for the cocky new guy to feel the power of Doms 20 inch guns and learn a little respect, so he suggests a bear hug challenge to settle the matter. Confident in his own size and power, Welsh agrees and the bear hugs begin. Dominic starts it off locking Welsh in a Bear hug from behind, lifting Welsh off the ground, making Welshs big cock stretch out his trunks. Dom lets him loose and does some really hot flexing, saying Im just getting started. Welsh then gets Dominic in a bear hug from behind, lifting Dom off the ground and putting Doms big body and bulging package on display for the camera. But Welsh releases the hold before a submission by the powerful Dominator. Then Dom locks Welsh into a belly to belly bear hug that leaves Welsh groaning in pain. Dom tells Welsh Give up man, give up as he keeps the pressure on. We get some great shots of Doms thick muscular ass as he walks around with the tall Welsh in his vice like bear hug. Dom increases the punishment by putting his massive leg in between Welshs legs to put pressure on Welshs nuts. Welsh groans in pain from the ball crushing, but still doesnt give and the Dominator breaks the hold. Then Dom slaps on another belly to belly that brings Welsh to almost immediate submission. Dropping Welsh to the mat, Dom does some totally hot victory flexing and we get some camera close up ups of all that big, sweaty, muscle beef. Gloating over the first submission, the cocky Dominator struts his big muscular body around the mat and kicks Welsh, telling him Come on man, get up arrogantly mocking the newcomer. Welsh gets to his feet and then locks Dom in a belly to belly, telling Dom to give up. Dom submits to the tough rookie and Welsh drops the beefy muscleman to the mat, tying the score. Dom scores the next two submissions with a belly to back and a belly to belly bear hug on Welsh. But Welsh is tough as nails and retaliates, putting Dom in a belly to back bear hug, giving us a great close up shot of Doms big package. The totally hot scene continues as Dom refuses to give. Eventually Dom gives and Welsh triumphantly drops him to the mat, making the score 3-2. Dom locks Welsh in three more belly to belly bear hugs before he gets another submission out of iron man Welsh, making it 4-2. In the process we get some great shots of Welshs rock hard bulging glutes. Dom struts his big powerful body around the mat, confident of ultimate victory. Welshs power is not to be underestimated and the big newcomer slaps on a belly to belly, forcing Dom to submit. But Dom has the final say as he picks Welsh up and then maneuvers him into a belly to belly bear hug. Welsh gives, but the Dominator doesnt release the hold, determined to finish off the new guy with a display of his immense power and savoring the domination his beaten opponent. When Dom finally releases Welsh, its clear that the fight has been squeezed out of him. Dom walks around the mat, flexing his big, sweaty, muscular body, telling Welsh to stay down and kicking him to the mat when tries to get up. Dom even gives Welsh an elbow to the back as the beaten Welsh tries to get on all fours. How do you like that Dom asks the humbled new guy. As Dom is posing for the camera, Welsh sneaks in a bear hug from behind, showing hes got some fight left in him. But Dom easily breaks out and levels Welsh with a forearm smash. Then Dom treats us to a magnificent ending as he puts his foot on Welshs chest and does a massive double bi, sweat pouring off his big, thickly muscled chest, reminding everyone why hes called the Dominator. Two totally hot guys in a smoking hot match. Dont miss it.