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Brute body scissors and arm lock Dozer armlock pecs thighs

Dozer vs Brute - Ring Wars 12

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Long time bodybuilding bad ass Dozer is entering into the ring for the very first time against Brute, a pro who’s a long time ring veteran. Dozer’s never heard of Brute before, so he’s not too scared. Brute’s not intimidated by Dozer’s big muscles or his long time reputation at Thunder’s. Only way to decide the better wrestler is to get right into it! Brute starts off with an intense show of strength, hitting Dozer and knocking him into the ropes to choke him a bit. Brute starts bringing out all of the pain against the massive Dozer. He’s gauging his eyes, slamming his face, getting in lots of hard gut punches. He’s got Dozer pinned down to the mat, digging into his shoulder blades telling him to give up now when Dozer is ready to start his comeback. He rolls out of the hold and gets behind Brute putting him into a reverse headlock. Brute isn’t impressed, and is able to easily get out. He slams Dozer down and immediately gets him into a figure four on his legs with a camel clutch combo!! Dozer is in pure agony. Brute starts using his elbow to dig even deeper into Dozer’s back, making Dozer scream in pain! As Dozer is struggling against Brute, Brute wants to take it up a notch and knots Dozer up into the ropes to really start working at twisting Dozer’s arm. As Brutes moving Dozer into another hold, Dozer breaks free. He gets behind Brute and takes him down into a choke hold. Dozer’s trying to choke some air out of Brute, tire him out some so he can start his comeback. Dozer’s hold wasn’t quite strong enough, and Brute manages to break free and immediately get Dozer into a choking headlock of his own. He’s telling Dozer to give up, but Dozer isn’t giving anything away to Brute. Brute maintains his hold while performing some body slams, knocking the wind out of Dozer. Dozer still isn’t giving up and Brute moves to torturing his arms and wrist, hoping to invoke enough pain that Dozer finally gives up. Dozer’s one massive guy with a ton of stamina. Is he going to give into the experienced Brute’s torture? Or will he come back and show Brute just how strong he really is?