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dominic dozer bodyscissors submission hold submit

Dozer vs Dominic - Bodybuilder Battle 77

$ 34.75

Dominic tells fans hes decided to make his muscular body leaner, with less body builder bulk. Hes still packing lots of muscle and he flexes to show off his big guns. Big beefed up muscleman Dozer laughs when he hears what Dom is saying. Dozer has grown a beard and his thick, beefy, muscular body is looking amazing as always. Dozer flexes his huge arms and says Thunder fans want to see real muscle like Dozers 21 inch guns. The two pose back and forth, each showing off his amazing body, Doms leaner than the thickly muscled Dozer. Dozer shows off his massive back with a lat spread and his thick beefy pecs. Dom shows off his still big guns and muscular chest. They slap each others muscles and talk a lot of trash about who has got the better body. Dom says its like comparing granite to beef. Dozer says hes got solid muscle. They grab some bar bells and take turns lifting, working different muscles in their arms and shoulders, their muscles swelling from the workout. Its an amazingly hot display of muscle that goes on for almost half the video. But all those muscles arent just for show and these two hunks love to wrestle. Dom says Enough of this posing shit and puts Dozers big 240 pound body over his shoulders, throws him to the mat, locks him in a body scissors then sits on the big guy, pinning his arms to the mat. Dozer uses his amazing power to throw Dom off, then plants his knee Doms back with Dom face down on the mat and does some posing while bragging Once again Dozer is on top. Dozer punishes Dom by planting his foot in Doms back while pulling his arms back. With Dom groaning in pain, Dozer releases the hold. But when Dom tries to get to his feet, the big bodybuilder gives him a forearm smash to the back. Dozer punishes Dom some more with punches to the ribs while holding Dom in a side headlock, throwing Dom aside like a play toy when hes done. When Dom gets to his feet, he puts big Dozer into a bear hug from behind, drops him to the mat and puts him in a camel clutch, pausing only for some quick flexing. Dozer is so powerful, he is able to stand up while Dom has the clutch still on and the big man does some flexing while he stands. Its an amazing show of pure power. Dom counters by turning the hold into a sleeper and he puts the big muscleman to sleep. Thats what Im used to Dom says proudly as he looks down at Dozers big, thickly muscled body out cold on the mat. Dom flexes and says hes just warming up as he slaps big Dozer to wake him. When Dozer comes to, he grabs Dom and throws him over his shoulder, laughing as he says These little guys. But Dom reaches down and slams a forearm between Dozers tree trunk legs. The dirty shot brings big Dozer down to the mat. Dom goes for the pin, but only gets a two count as Dozer powers out. With both guys on their knees, Dozer clamps Dom in a crushing belly to belly bear hug. After squeezing the air out of Dom, Dozer turns him around and applies a sleeper. When Dom tries to resist the deadly hold and manages to say that he can still breathe, cocky Dozer says he will tighten the hold. He does and its not long before Dom succumbs to the overwhelming power in Doms thickly muscled arms. With Dom beaten and out cold, Dozer does some victory flexing over him, saying Dozer is on top again, my friend. For fans of big beefy muscle, this is one you have to see.