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Dozer eagle flex pose chest pecs abs arms biceps muscle worship bodybuilder

Dozer vs Eagle - Battlespace 84

$ 25.95

Eagle’s the new guy here at Thunders, he’s a model, 200 pounds of beautiful muscle, and he’s ready to challenge the big guy himself, Dozer. Dozer is entering into contest season and he’s looking absolutely shredded! Eagle isn’t scared of Dozer’s muscles though challenges him to start his climb to becoming Thunder’s champion. Dozer isn’t so happy about new guys coming around thinking they can beat him, so he starts this match out rough, going straight in and putting Eagle into a crushing bearhug. He walks around toying with Eagle in his arms for a bit before dropping him to see what he’s got. Eagle comes in quick and is able to get around Dozer and get a bearhug on him as well. Eagle’s got stamina, holding Dozer up off the mat, squeezing real hard for quite awhile. Dozer isn’t too impressed though, he’s still able to flex and show off while being crushed by Eagle. Dozer breaks free and picks Eagle up over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, and starts squatting Eagle to show off how easily he can carry Eagle around. Eagle dares him to squat one more time, Dozer does it without even thinking, but it’s a bad idea! Eagle is a smart wrestler and is ablate reach around Dozer when he’s squatting low and flip off his shoulders to pull Dozer’s arm around and lock it behind his back, yanking on his shoulder, which is not too flexible. Dozer manages to muscle his way out of the torture hold though and tries slamming Eagle down to pin him, but Eagle’s still full of energy and kicks his way out. Eagle starts flexing showing off his own muscle, Dozer may be shredded but Eagle’s still strong, and he can hold his own. Dozer was expecting to walk into the arena and dominate a noobie, but Eagle came in prepared and ready to kick some ass. Eagle manages to wrestle Dozer down and put him into a painful camel clutch, straining Dozers neck and pulling hard on his chin. Dozer is pissed, no one walks into the arena and puts pain on Dozer. Dozer has had enough and he goes into full domination mode. He slams Eagle against the wall and starts pounding on his abs, Eagle is screaming in pain backed up and struck against the wall, helpless to Dozer’s onslaught. Dozer drops Eagle down to the mat and climbs on top, continuing to punch Eagle’s abs. Eagle is struggling, but he’s able to stand, and Dozer wants to take the opportunity to see his marks on Eagle’s abs, and they start to show off and flex for each other. Eagle takes the chance while Dozer is busy flexing to knock him down and try some gut punching of his own. Dozer is impressed at how fast he learns, and lets Eagle get in some victory posing on top of him before throwing him clear across the mat. Will Eagle be able to surprise Dozer and come out on top? Or will Dozer’s continuous onslaught prove to be the end?