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Dozer Python bearhug reverse arms thighs

Dozer vs Python - Bearhug Challenge 14

$ 25.95

Two of the most magnificent musclemen in Thunders Arena go at it in a Bear Hug challenge. These thickly muscled hunks start off posing their amazing bodies with double bis and lat spreads, comparing size and giving some mutual admiration. Then its its bear hug after bear hug, chest to chest, chest to back, lifting each other off the mat as they apply their awesome power to bring the other muscleman to submission. You'll see both of these guys gritting their teeth in agony as they endure the incredible power of their opponent, sweat pouring off their muscular bodies. And there is lots of posing in between submissions, with these big muscle beasts showing off their thick pecs and huge arms. Which one of these beefy muscle studs will be ultimately dominate? Will it be big Dozer with his huge arms or thickly muscled Python with his legendary power? You will want to watch this video to see for yourself.This is one of the hottest Bear Hug Challenges of all time.