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Dozer Chase reverse bearhug pecs chest arms biceps

Dozer vs Viggo vs Chase - Bearhug Challenge 13

$ 34.75

This three-way round robin match starts out with Viggo attempting to explain the rules, but when he flubs his lines, Chase is quick to jump in and correct him. Chase also fails to deliver the explanation which leaves the big man Dozer to cleanup the mess. Viggo and Dozer square off first while Chase steps off themat for the time being. Dozer gets his huge arms around Viggo slim waist and gives him a good squeeze before throwing him to the mat. Viggo gets back to his feet and quickly returns the favor, wrapping himself around Dozer's beefy torso, trying to crush his ribs and forcing him to submit. Chase steps onto the mat and he and Viggo trade some trash talk and pose off, comparing abs before tying up. Chase gets Viggo in a bearhug and forces a submission. The little guy calls Dozer back out onto the mat and Dozer is happy to oblige. Dozer's bulk presents a challenge to Chase's smaller, chiseled physique and the big guy gets a submission once again, squeezing the air out of his opponent. Who will win the race to most submissions in ten minutes? See who crushes his competition and is victorious.