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Dr. Pretty Boy vs Finn McCool - Custom Video Series 120

$ 29.99
$ 39.95

Dr. Pretty Boy has been training with Finn McCool for his first ever match. Coming back from working out together and hanging out in the garage, Finn comments on how quickly Dr. Pretty Boy has progressed, noting “I’d love to see the look on the guy’s face when you have them tapping out. Who's the guy anyways?” 
Dr. Pretty Boy has to break the news telling Finn, “You!” Finn can’t believe what he heard and can only stare as Dr. Pretty Boy starts to undress. As Dr. Pretty Boy undresses, he prompts Finn to do the same and get ready, “Come on.” Finn then starts to undress. The two undress to just their wrestling gear.
Finn asks Dr. Pretty Boy, “You think you can handle all this?” Finn starts showing off with the two flexing shot for shot. After a minute, Finn gives Dr. Pretty Boy the chance to get his glasses off as the two lock up. Finn and Dr. Pretty Boy are 50/50 in this match, but ultimately Finn gets the tap out to an over-the knee wedgie submission. Dr. Pretty Boy lays on the mat sprawled out, face up, knocked out as Finn flexes over him. Slowly he regains consciousness with Finn helping him up. Feeling guilty, Finn gives Dr. Pretty Boy the chance to have Finn tap out. He reluctantly does so by having Finn in an Over-the-knee Backbreaker. Finn tells him not to hold back and taps out after a minute of smacks to his abs followed by an ab claw. Finn lays squirming on his back as Dr. Pretty Boy plants his foot and flexes over Finn. Who will best who in this back and forth game of cat and mouse? The ending may surprise you!