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Drew Harper aka Texas vs Iron - Mat Rats 144

$ 25.95

The camera starts on a big slab of juicy, new muscle. Iron is flexing on the mat until Drew Harper aka Texas comes in and interrupts him. He demands the new guy flex for him. That is until he pulls the veteran move of slowly getting behind the rookie while they flex and locking in a tight bearhug. Then the action is on! Drew slams Iron to the mat and stretches him out. He drops his move before flexing over the new kid. He then locks in more torturous moves on the mat stretching Iron out while he yells in agony. He goes in with a brutal camel clutch. Then he flips over the rookie and grabs two handfuls of his pecs! He can barely fit his hands around Iron's massive chest! Drew then lays into Iron's abs with a series of gut punches. Playful banter begins when Drew attempts to helps Iron up and then wraps him up in a smothering chest to chest bearhug instead. He throws him down and continues the vicious submission holds until lifting him back up into another bearhug. Iron has had enough punishment at this point. He delivers a quick low blow dropping Drew to the mat! He then stomps into him before locking in a camel clutch. Drew's experience helps him to break out of Iron's attempt to gain control and get him caught in a leg scissors. After getting back the momentum of the match, he slowly controls his new victim with full nelson holds, gut punches, pec claws, ab stretches, and power lifts. Will Drew Harper keeps his control of the new guy, Iron? Or will the rookie come back to get a debut win? A brutal ending will leave you breathless.