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muscular men wrestling eachother

Drogo vs Eagle - Mat Wars 95

$ 25.95

It's the pretty boy Eagle vs the newbie Drogo! The two lock up. Eagle locks Drogo in a rear bearhug, but Drogo is able to break out throwing Eagle to the mat. He goes for a pin but only gets a 2 count! Drogo makes fun of Eagle calling him an old man because of his gray hair. Eagle locks in another rear bearhug, but Drogo calls him weak asking if that's all he's got? It's Drogo's turn as he locks in a tight full nelson then a rear bearhug of his own. Eagle breaks free, does his own full nelson then side bearhug taking Drogo to the mat. Eagle uses his tree trunk quads and body scissors Drogo squeezing tighter and tighter!! He then puts Drogo in a camel clutch. Drogo breaks away lifting Eagle in a full nelson then BODYSLAMS him to the mat. Both begin rolling around the mat trying to pin each other but only get 2 counts! Eagle straddles Drogo showing off his rock hard abs; then the two battle in a game of mercy. Drogo locks Eagle in a side headlock, but AMAZINGLY Eagle breaks away lifting Drogo in a FIREMAN's CARRY!Eagle is winded admitting the 230lbs Drogo is a big boy!! Drogo recovers, takes Eagle down, and almost gets a 3 count! He puts Eagle in a SKULL CRUSHING head scissors. Eagle is moaning in pain and needs a time out after the scissors is released.
The two wrestlers do a pose off. Eagle's bulging biceps and thick legs clearly outshine Drogo. Eagle asks Drogo if he can hold up 220lbs of muscle and JUMPS into Drogo's arms!! Drogo drops him to the mat. Eagle locks in another body scissors then transitions to his own head scissors! Drogo recovers, sits on Eagle's back, yanking on his neck and head. He commands the "pretty boy" to give up, but Eagle refuses. Drogo puts Eagle in a  MASSIVE Boston crab, goes for the pin, but still only 2 counts! Eagle recovers and locks Drogo in a CRUSHING sleeper hold. Will it be lights out for Drogo? Buy this match to find out!!