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Duke vs Bronze Bullet - Bodybuilder Battle 181

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Bronze Bullet starts off by addressing the public about just how bad ass he is! Duke comes in hot and ready to go. He starts pushing him around and flexing off. A friendly rivalry soon begins to form as both guys think they are better than their opponent. Both guys lock up and start to wrestle quickly. The 6'4" Bronze Bullet lifts Duke up in a chest to chest bearhug showing off his power. Duke doesn't back down and both men tie back up and fight for position with the Bronze Bullet getting the better of duke and flipping him over into a pin. Duke counters but is flipped back over and slapped around by the new guy. He moves into a no holds barred schoolboy pin and humiliates Duke. That sets him off and Duke flips him and gets him in the same position. Duke takes over using a camel clutch, rear sleepers, and head scissors to work over the rookie. Bronze Bullet scrambles through and finally out maneuvers Duke to get him into a camel clutch of his own. Neither stud wants to back down and they go at it with pins and bearhugs. Bronze Bullet finds himself in control of the match and his confidence builds as he starts to trash talk Duke. The veteran is not going to have a new guy talk smack to him and turns up the heat, but the rookie shows off his skills and continues controlling the flow of the match. Using dragon sleepers and schoolboy pins Bronze Bullet dominates. Will he have enough to finish off the Thunders Arena veteran?