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Duke vs Iceman18 POV - No Holds Barred 188

$ 31.25

Get ready to experience your DEEPEST, DARKEST wrestling fantasy in this exciting new point of view match! You will see and feel like you are right in the middle of the action. Duke and Iceman18 flex and feel out each other's beefy pecs and rock-hard biceps. Iceman18 wraps Duke in a tight headlock forcing Duke to worship his thick quads then takes him down to the mat. Duke groans in pain; his arm YANKED back as Iceman18 mounts his victim, smacks Duke's ass, and worships his chiseled back. Things get hot and heavy as both wrestlers battle back and forth with ball claws and skull-crushing head scissors SQUEEZING harder and harder as they gasp for air. "Stay down!" orders Iceman18, first to his feet using a metal chair as a weapon. Duke struggles to recover but unleashes his rage with brutal forearm blows to Iceman18's ribs and dirty tricks. Screaming in pain, Iceman18 struggles for air; his abs red from the brutal assault. Iceman18 strains but powers out wrapping his quads of steel around Duke in a SMOTHERING face-first head scissors; his bulging trunks inches from the camera's view! An intense mercy challenge, titty twisters, gut punches, two-handed chokes, face-first head scissors, pec claws, and dirty tricks lead to a BREATH-TAKING finish for you and the wrestlers!