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duke justice mens muscle wrestling thunders arena

Duke vs Justice - Mat Rats 94

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Muscle hunks, Muscle worship, Muscle domination!
Duke and Justice, the two muscle monsters flex for the camera. "What's up little guy?" says Justice. "Not that little. We're pretty close...I'm definitely more shredded," says Duke. "Can you wrestle?" Justice pushes Duke away. "I guess you're gonna find out!" Duke rubs Justice's BOULDER biceps and CHISELED chest, "You're pretty big though. Just admiring that physique." Duke flexes, telling Justice he can feel if he wants. Justice IS PISSED and ready to fight!
He picks Duke up across his chest then slams him in an OVER THE KNEE BACK BREAKER. "Think you can rub on me! You can't rub on me!" Justice puts Duke in a MASSIVE full nelson. "This is a wrestling ring, not a rubbing ring!" Duke's face is turning as red as his trunks. Justice picks Duke up in a RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug, SHAKES him around, then DROPS him to the mat. "That teaches you to grab on my arms!" 
The muscle hunks tie up. Duke headlocks Justice taking him down. He straddles Justice pinning him to the mat and BALLS CLAWS him. "You like that?" asks Duke. "Just wait until I get up!" Duke GUT PUNCHES his abs, but Justice throws him off. Justice DIGS his knee in Duke's back YANKING back on his arms. "I'll rip you in half!" He puts Duke in another full nelson and applies a MASSIVE camel clutch. "When I'm done with you, you won't be able to move!"
Justice rubs Duke's arms, "Those are pretty big!" and picks him up in a FIREMAN'S CARRY. Duke gut punches Justice's abs while in the hold. "Is that all you have?" asks Justice. Duke elbows then BALL CLAWS Justice to break the hold.
The match continues as Justice straddles Duke on the mat and GUT PUNCHES him. He starts CHOKING Duke with his own arm and gut punches him more. Duke escapes, sits on Justice's chest, and locks in a MASSIVE head scissor. Justice is MOANING in pain! He escapes and straddles Duke. "You better tighten up!" Justice starts DRILLING Duke's abs. He pulls Duke's arms behind his back. "Show me something!" Justice locks his victim in a body scissor/sleeper combo and puts Duke to sleep! 
"Wake up. We ain't done yet!" Justice starts worshipping Duke's arms. "You got some nice biceps. How big are those arms?" He tells Duke to show him a double bicep and PUNCHES his abs. Justice picks up Duke in a FIREMAN'S CARRY bouncing him up and down SQUEEZING him tight. "I wanna hear you give!" Duke refuses and is thrown down. Justice straddles Duke with his butt in Duke's face. "You better tighten up!" and UNLOADS on Duke's abs. These are some of the TOUGHEST GUT PUNCHES ever filmed in Thunder's history! Justice WORSHIPS Duke's delts and lats complementing his body. "We're not done!" He applies another full nelson then MASSIVE front bearhug. Duke passes out under the pain! 
Justice rubs Duke's quads. "Pretty jacked for a little guy!" He puts Duke in a body scissor/ab stretch. Duke tries to flex out. "Look at those abs! Fight some more!" Justice continues worshiping Duke's abs and body.  Duke breaks away and scissors Justice's legs. Justice recovers and straddles Duke again. "Not bad for a little guy!" He puts Duke in a CRUSHING head scissors, "You're gonna go to sleep!" Duke is counting sheep!
Duke is woken up and muscle worshipped. "I really respect your fight. Let me see that front double bicep. Great abs, traps, quads!" says Justice. "This is my ring. This is where all justice is served!" A surprise guest, Cason comes in and secretly SLEEPERS Duke from behind. "I love when my students join me. Perfect form!" says Justice. "Thanks coach, just like you taught me!" Cason replies. Duke goes to sleep AGAIN, and Justice has been served! Fans of Muscle worship, BUY THIS MATCH! You will NOT be disappointed!