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Duke vs Kuma & Joey McCoy - Custom Video Series 129

$ 34.75

Joey McCoy is flexing and getting warmed up on the mat when Duke walks in and his face lights up. "I saw you on Youtube! Do you think you can help me out with some moves?" Joey McCoy is in a cocky mood today and decides he will do the wrestling community a favor and show Duke a move or two to help him out. He quickly grabs Duke and shoves him into a ferocious wrist lock. Duke is not ready for the intensity and gets pissed off. Joey turns around to flex and show off. Duke pulls out a rag from his trunks and sneaks to the corner of the mat grabbing a bottle of chloroform. He douses the rag and comes up behind Joey putting the rag into his face. The tiny Joey McCoy flails and fights but eventually cannot stay conscious any longer and passes out. Duke plants a knee on Joey's back and flexes. "I got some moves too. They just make these wrestlers smaller and smaller." He then picks up Joey's unconscious body and shakes him awake. Only to lock him in a tight rear sleeper hold and put Joey back to sleep slowly. "Not so cocky now, huh?" Duke plants his foot on his knocked out victim, flexing and showing off. He yanks Joey up and locks him in a stretched dragon sleeper. Joey fights until Duke easily flips the small wrestler up and over his shoulder, doing deep squats just to show how easy this match is to him. He slams him on the mat, picks him up, and locks him back into another rear choke. Joey has no chance any longer and passes out quickly. "You look a lot bigger on YouTube." Duke jerks Joey up once again and applies a ruthless dragon sleeper once again. Joey passes out and falls forward straight on to his face. Duke checks his victim to make sure he is out this time for good. 

Duke looks up from his helpless opponent when he feels someone in the room. "Hey, what the hell are you doing here?" The camera pans over to the jacked physique of Kuma. "That's what I should be asking you, Highlighter" he retorts. "I'm trying to put you in your place. That's about to be you on the ground!" A back and forth continues while Duke sneaks back over to his bottle of chloroform and shoves his rag into Kuma's face. Kuma fights back until Duke has to lock in a sleeper hold to finish the job. Slapping him back awake, Duke plays the same game with Kuma, putting him back into a choke hold, but this time he makes Kuma flex while chokes him out. Duke yells at him to flex while he feels his muscles. Kuma finally passes out after a struggle. But then Joey McCoy is stumbling back awake. When Duke turns his attention back to the smaller wrestler, Joey uses his smarts to play into Duke's ego. He tells Kuma to admire the muscles and stature of Duke. Telling him that is what a real man is. While Duke begins to glow from the compliments, Joey bends down and hits him with a BRUTAL low blow. Tossing the chloroform rag away, Joey climbs on to Duke and locks in a rear choke of his own. Duke fights against the smaller Joey before passing out face first into the mat. Kuma lets Joey know he did a good job and flexes. He then turns his gaze to Duke and lifts him up. Wrapping his massive biceps around Duke's neck, Kuma returns the favor he was dealt before. He puts Duke out and wakes him back up with a strong kick between the legs. He grabs him and chokes him back out again. Joey and Kuma play with Duke's lifeless body and Joey goes to grab a chair to stand in. Kuma picks up Duke and lets Joey lock in a sleeper hold from atop the chair. Duke's struggles are useless as he fights to stay awake. He passes out and Joey puts a foot on his chest and flexes for the camera. Kuma snatches Duke up from the chair and locks him in a sleeperhold. Joey presses Kuma's gigantic forearm further into Duke's throat. Duke drops lifeless to the mat. Joey and Kuma boast about the job they did. Joey then wakes Duke up and lets him know that he REALLY thinks Kuma has the better body and he needs to admire him instead. Kuma flexes and Duke begins to praise him. He stands up and begins to feel and grab Kuma's defined body, asking him for advice. Kuma gives some advice before aggressively FORCING Duke to worship his muscles. Duke takes advantage of a distraction to lock up Kuma in a full nelson. A quick struggle is broken up by Joey McCoy who jumps into the scene, WRAPPING A BELT AROUND DUKE'S NECK and choking him out. An angry Kuma wakes him back up and shoves the discarded chloroform rag into his mouth passing him back out for good. Joey is impressed but still sees Kuma as competition. He swings around and locks the unsuspecting muscle monster in a sleeper hold. Kuma fights back, but slowly succumbs to Joey McCoy's hold. Will the smallest guy in Thunders Arena be able to take out both Duke and Kuma?