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Duke vs Santiago - 4K02

$ 34.75

A wrestling challenge quickly spirals into a dark & twisted trap! Word spreads around Thunders that Santiago has been trash talking and calling Duke out. "I heard you wanted to fight me?" yells a pissed off Duke storming onto the mat. "I'm back; I will win this match!" grins Santiago; his secret plan falling into place. Both wrestlers flex as Santiago muscle worships Duke's rock-hard biceps, ripped abs, and thick quads. Distracted, Duke crumbles to the mat suffering a vicious ball claw but escapes slamming Santiago on his back! A power struggle begins as Duke wraps Santiago in a belly to belly bearhug, and Santiago locks Duke in a body scissors seeing who will give first. Pinned tight, the wrestlers' moans and groans get louder and louder as they break away struggling to their feet. A quick tie-up has Duke taking Santiago down with a hip toss and rolling him into a cradle for a revenge ball claw. Santiago howls in pain and claws Duke's beefy ass trying to escape. Angry, Duke unleashes his power with a skull-splitting reverse head scissors, full nelson, and crushing bearhug! Barely able to stand, Santiago trips Duke down as both wrestlers roll around the mat in tight holds and pins battling for control. A torturous leg stretch, back and forth body scissors, bearhug, and upside-down head scissors have Duke and Santiago breathing hard and heavy! Santiago pins Duke down and feverishly muscle worships his rock-hard body before wrapping Duke in a crushing scissor/sleeper combo. "I got you!" taunts Santiago squeezing harder and harder as Duke gasps for air passing out. Santiago flexes in victory; his secret plans far from over as he kicks Duke awake for more torture. An arm-breaking hammerlock battle, pec claw, ball claw, grueling ab stretch, and rib-cracking bearhug lead to a vicious end and one wrestler dripping wet!