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Duke vs Simpson - 4K12

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

It's muscle worship and painful submissions in this battle of the best body! A flex off has Duke and Simpson comparing size arguing who is bigger. In awe, Simpson muscle worships Duke's rock-hard body until a massive tie-up starts the match. Simpson breaks away and lifts Duke in a crushing belly to belly bearhug then takes Duke down for a Saturday night ride! "Come on, you gotta kick out!" taunts Simpson as he squeezes even tighter. Groaning in pain, Duke is rolled into a brutal head scissor/leg stretch combo. The dominant Simpson feverishly worships Duke's pecs and biceps until he escapes. Duke struggles to his feet and lifts Simpson in a massive shoulder carry. "You're not as heavy as you look!" mocks Duke as he smacks Simpson's ass harder and harder. Ready for payback, Duke slams Simpson to the mat for a sit-down camel clutch. Simpson screams in pain nearly broken in half and is rolled over for a tight scissor/sleeper combo. The arrogant Simpson struggles for air as Duke plays dirty with a painful ball claw! Simpson slowly recovers and uses his quads of steel to tear Duke apart with skull-crushing head scissors. "Squeeze the life out of you!" threatens Simpson. The blood rushing from his brain, Duke groans in agony and strains to break free of the torturous holds. Breathing hard and heavy, Simpson and Duke battle in arm-bars, Boston crab, gut punches, and scissors to tear each other apart. The muscle worship and hot action ends in a brutal finish as the winner of the best body is crowned!