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Dusty headlock Los arms bicep

Dusty vs Los - Mat Wars 07B

$ 31.25

Los vs Dusty

INTENSE & AMAZING TO WATCH Los is 100 pounds lighter than Dusty!!!  Los has got a lot of curage to face off against this mountain of a man, Dusty.  This man isn't going to stop until someone is seriously hurt.  Dusty is a real pro wrestler trainned by Shawn Michaels himself.  Dusty doesn't lose, he doesn't just win, he destroys everyone he faces.  This was a match of PURE POWER!  Dusty just pics up Los and throws him around like a rag doll.  When Dusty locks on his bearhug against Los, I thought he was going to snap his spine!  Plus he just just lifts him and shakes him over and over in this bearhug, over and over.  Los just doesn't stand a chance!  He tries an attack but just keeps getting smacked back down over and over again.  Los gets trapped between those massive thighs when Dusty throws him in a body scissors and I thought for sure he would pop a rib!  Power slams,Power lifts, Racks, body scissors, bearhugs, gut punching, massive POWER holds after another from this bruatal match it all adds up to one thing Los is one tough mother.....he takes a beating and JUST KEEPS COMING BACK FOR MORE!!!  You gotta see it to believe it!