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Eagle angel bodyscissors submission abs

Eagle vs Angel - Rough & Ready 83

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

 Thunder’s Arena veteran Angel is back to take on one of the current roster’s most popular wrestlers, the mighty Eagle!  Eagle has been working to pack even more muscle onto his frame, the results of which are plain to see as he flexes and poses for the camera!  Angel interrupts the fitness model, mocking his posing and taunting him.  Eagle is lured into talking trash, which is exactly what Angel wants – BOOM!  From out of nowhere, Angel slugs Eagle in the gut!  A follow-up knee has Eagle collapsing to the mat, Angel hovering and waiting to strike!  Angel drags Eagle up into a choke before immobilising him with a single-arm lat stretch!  Eagle protests – “cheap shot, already?”  Angel responds, a sadistic grin on his face.  “You call that a cheap shot?”  Yeah, there’s no love lost here!

The two men lock up, with Eagle getting the advantage and scooping Angel up into a bear hug, Eagle’s mighty crushing power centred on Angel’s lower back.  Angel cries out in pain!  Eagle drops the veteran and the two lock up again.  Both are more wary of the other, testing each other out.  A single-leg takedown has both wrestlers tumbling down!  Angel gets on top and unleashes a barrage of NASTY forearms to Eagles magnificent pecs!  Eagle is hurting, but Angel gets cocky and leaves an opening – Eagle flips Angel over and traps his arm in a muscle-ripping arm bar, throwing in some forearms of his own for good measure!  Angel is no slouch on the mats and manages to turn them over, debilitating Eagle with a DOUBLE-HANDED SLEDGEHAMMER to the chest, before flipping the muscle hunk over into a BOSTON CRAB!!!  HOLY S**T!  Angel could crank the submission, but he’s in a sadistic mood and wants to teach the younger muscle god a lesson in humility!  A series of kicks and knees to the body of Eagle – “This is too easy, where did they find you?”  In desperation, Eagle rams his arm between Angel’s legs, lifting him up and slamming him down in an over-the-knee backbreaker!  Eagle is enraged, lifting Angel off the mat in a front choke, before THROWING him back to the mat – TWICE!!  Eagle grabs Angel’s legs and applies a textbook-perfect Boston Crab of his own, his back and glutes (clad in the briefest of briefs!) looking awesome as he lowers and bounces the crab.  Angel cries out with each brutal compression of his spine!  A camel clutch adds to Angel’s agony!  But any fan of Thunder’s know that it’ll take more than that to put Angel away…

A feat of agility that has to be seen to be believed, has Angel climbing Eagle’s awesome body and clamping on an arm-bar – whilst Eagle is still standing!  Switching to a front face lock, Eagle is wondering how to answer this incredibly unorthodox attack!  Head butts, chokes, arm locks – a tight triangle has Eagle trapped and fading!  Bearhugs, slams, torture racks and nelsons – all that’s missing is the kitchen sink!  Still the two hunks keep coming back for more as they relentlessly punish each other, the sweat pouring from their bodies!  A rear naked choke has one wrestler on the edge of oblivion and forced to tap out!  That’s not the end though, far from it!  Scissors holds, more crushing bearhugs, even a revenge rear choke that evens the score!  Gorilla presses, gut punching – this is destined to be a Thunder’s Classic!  Will the soaring Eagle claim a victory over the returning veteran?  Or will he find his wings clipped by the skill and experience of Angel?  A devastating final move has one of these two gladiators out cold on the mat!  You will watch this match over and over again – buy it today to see who survives!