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Eagle vs Animal - Rough & Ready 142

$ 25.95

WARNING - Almost - No animals were hurt in the filming of this video....well except one, EAGLE. Seriously we had to stop filming and take him to get checked out.  

Animal is a master wrestling technician for high school wrestling holds and throws.  He immediately started taking Eagle down to the mat, like he was nothing. Eagle surprised and dazed from being a "lazy" technical wrestler for lack of a real challenge last couple months was shocked! Animal just keeps coming fast and furious at  Eagle with multiple takedowns, roll overs for back points and total body controls the match will be frustrating for fans of Eagle to watch because Eagle is never someone's bitch, until today.  

Then it suddenly happens a scream that stops all the action. Eagle was hurt bad, how and why, you'll need to buy the match to find out.  

After leaving the Emergency room Eagle comes into the house VERY ANGRY!

He demands to wrestle Animal again! Even with Eagle's damaged and broken body, the wrestlers tie up and the action starts! Nothing is going to stop Eagle from getting his revenge or is Animal man enough to cage the rage of an attacking Eagle?

Over the knee backbreakers were done for real to get submissions, bearhugs and ab stretches with real gut punches as these two won't hold back to destroy each other.  

Animal uses dirty tricks like attacking Eagle's damaged body part making him beg for mercy but Eagle returns the PAIN with BRUTAL LOW BLOW.  These two hate each other!  Cobra sleepers were used and you won't believe how they wake up after this is a much see match if you want to see two men beat each other down with no mercy.