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Eagle vs Ashton89 - No Hold Barred 194

$ 31.25

Eagle is resting on the couch when Ashton89 interrupts him claiming they have a match to get done. Eagle is confused as this was supposed to be his rest day and he is not on the schedule to wrestle. Aggravated, he gets up and walks over to Ashton on the mat. Explaining that Mr. Mike said he had a match today and he wants to get it done, Ashton mocks Eagle until he has had enough and they tie up on the mat. Eagle shows his frustration during the match as he locks Ashton into excruciating submission holds and furthers the pain with ball claws. Ashton is caught by surprise with Eagle's anger and dirty tricks while he is squeezed and punished. After wearing Ashton down with a series of bearhugs and head scissors, Eagle decides that Ashton should muscle worship him. He tells Ashton when and where to touch him. But that doesn't mean that Eagle is done with dealing out pain, either. Using schoolboy pins and pushups over Ashton, Eagle adds insult to injury while Ashton's playful banter turns more to admiration and fear. Grabbing Ashton by his throat, Eagle lifts his new muscle toy in a dominating choke lift. He then throw him down and puts his heel in between Ashton's spread open legs. After a short attempt to fight back, Ashton finds himself on his back once again with Eagle showing off and doing pushups over his face. Then Eagle picks up his victim and squeezes him in a chest to chest bearhug. Ashton is obviously fighting to stay conscious while Eagle shows no mercy, attempting to break Ashton's ribs with his tight bearhug. The sadistic back and forth game of brutal punishment and muscle worship find Eagle controlling Ashton's every move. Telling him to feel his biceps whenever he wants. Making Ashton grab his quads whenever he wants. And making Ashton tell him just how much better and more muscular he really is. The game ends when Eagle lifts Ashton in torture rack before he passes out and Eagle has an unconscious Ashton sprawled over his massive shoulders. Will Eagle continue to make Ashton do his bidding, or will he decide it is time to take his rest day?