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beast eagle painful camel clutch torture submission hold submit

Eagle vs Beast - Bodybuilder Battle 93

$ 34.75

The instant fan-favourite, Eagle is back!

Eagle has been putting in some serious gym time as he’s noticeably bigger, decked out in his singlet and ready to take on Beast!  Eagle flexes for the camera, showing off his hard work as Beast waits on the mats like a silent predator!  As the two muscle studs compare bodies, Beast suddenly strikes out with a kick to Eagle’s midsection!  The starting gun has been fired and the two lock up, Eagle getting a single leg takedown on Beast, following through into a side choke!  Beast flips over and reverses the hold!  Eagle is groaning and gasping as Beasts massive bicep crushes into his throat!  Eagle manages to twist out, slapping an arm bar on Beast that nearly rips the bodybuilder’s arm out!  But Beast is one of the most skilled wrestlers that Thunder’s Arena has ever known and manages to escape, getting behind Eagle and pulling one of his singlet straps down!  Another lock up and Beast gets a go behind takedown on Eagle, manoeuvring the muscle model into a crippling crossface hold!  Eagle is SCREAMING as Beast pulls back HARD!  Eagle doesn’t submit though and eventually manages to get out, catching Beast in a hard leg crank, inflicting immense pressure on the knee – now it’s Beast’s turn to scream!  Again, no submission! These two are tough!

The two stand and Beast lunges in for a bearhug, clamping his arms around Eagle’s torso!  Lifting Eagle off the ground, Beast shakes his prey from side to side before dumping him to the mat and pulling his other singlet strap down!  Beast is flexing, leaving himself open to a hard gut punch from Eagle which makes him double over.  Eagle capitalises, pushing Beast down into a brutal Camel Clutch!  Get ready with the pause button as every single muscle stands out on Eagle’s body as he pulls back with all his might!  Beast refuses to submit, so Eagle release him to the mat before dropping a vicious flying elbow to Beast’s brick-wall abs!  The two lock up again with knee lifts from Beast before he lifts Eagle into the air for an airplane spin!  Eagle retaliates with a full nelson into an ab stretch, further punishing Beast’s core!

Another lock up and Eagle twists Beast’s arm into a hammer lock, but the big man tumbles out of it!  Even Eagle is impressed with Beast’s athleticism!  A nasty punch to Eagle’s bicep has him sinking to the mat in pain, giving Beast the chance to strip Eagle’s singlet off, leaving the soaring superstar in just his white Calvin’s!  Beast follows up with brutal kicks to Eagle’s midsection, knee lifts and a DDT! Beast goes for a pin, but only a two count as Eagle kicks out!  Eagle launches up into a charging clothesline and Beast is down!  Eagle manages to get a Boston Crab on the savage wrestler, bouncing it hard before switching to a single leg version!  Just how much can these two wrestlers take?!

This is one of the most savage and hard matches you will see in the Arena – these two know that the other can take a lot of punishment and they are both very much willing to give it out!  Knee lifts, elbow drops, punches, eye gouges, torture racks, the list goes on – no mercy is requested and none is given!  Will Eagle manage to slay the Beast?  Or will the high-flying mat master have his wings clipped?  A definite candidate for Match of the Year, buy this match now to find out!