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Eagle vs Blayne - Ring Wars 34

Eagle vs Blayne - Ring Wars 34

$ 31.59

#1 Best Seller March 2017

Since arriving at Thunder’s Arena, Blayne has gone through the roster, taking on any and all comers and building a reputation for being one of our scrappiest wrestlers.  So when he found out Eagle was coming back, Blayne jumped at the chance to get in the ring with him!

The action starts straight away with Blayne running the ropes, building up momentum to launch at Eagle – but Eagle is in no mood for games as he stops Blayne in his tracks and rock bottoms him to the canvas!  Eagle pulls Blayne up by his hair before whipping him into the ropes and meeting him head on with a vicious clothesline!  The physique superstar follows up with a camel clutch on Blayne, yanking his head back and forcing him to look up at the ceiling!  Eagle flexes as he waits for Blayne to recover, but Blayne has another idea – he rams his forearm up between Eagle’s massive legs for a cheap shot to the balls!  As Eagle collapses to the mat, Blayne ties his legs up with a brutal ankle lock!  Blayne switches to a mat-based ab stretch, hammering Eagle’s midsection.  Knowing he won’t get a submission yet, Blayne releases the hold.  The two combatants lock up, with Eagle getting behind and slapping a full nelson on Blayne.  Blayne’s lithe body is stretched on full display as Eagle parades him around the ring before ramming him face first into the turnbuckle!  Blayne turns away from the corner to save his face, only to be met with shoulder barges to his midsection!  The ring quakes from the impact!  Eagle whips Blayne hard to the opposite corner, letting fly with a knee lift to the abs!  The sadistic superstar drapes Blayne over the bottom rope, pulling up on it to choke him!  This is a darker side of Eagle that is rarely seen and Blayne is experiencing it first-hand!  Eagle pulls Blayne to the centre of the ring, eager to punish his victim some more!

They lock up again, but this time Blayne goes low, scooping Eagle over his shoulder and slamming him down hard!  Blayne slaps on a headlock, but Eagle flips them and reverses for a headlock of his own!  Blayne weathers the pain and manages to get Eagle in a leg split, but Eagle uses his big quads to power out!  A wrenching arm lock from Eagle nearly dislocates Blayne’s shoulder!  Eagle forces Blayne to his knees and slaps on a rear choke!  Nowhere near done with Blayne, Eagle clamps on an ankle lock, getting payback for earlier!  Blayne keeps taking the punishment and gives back as good as he gets!  Slams, chokes, leg locks, arm locks and a bow & arrow.  An amazingly brutal Boston Crab has Blayne in agony, which is soon forgotten when Eagle hammers him with a DOUBLE AXEHANDLE OFF THE ROPES!!  Eagle just keeps doling out the punishment, but Blayne stubbornly refuses to quit!  This is no squash job though as Blayne hands out a beating of his own of his own!  Scissors, low blows, clotheslines, facelocks – the action doesn’t let up! Corner splashes, Tree of Woe, torture rack and so much more!  The end of the match has to be seen to be believed!

This is a high impact, high intensity match – an incredible combination of wrestling talent and mesmerising in-ring action!  This is definitely one of the most hard-hitting and punishing matches we have ever filmed - you won’t want to miss a second!