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Bolt puts Eagle into a full nelson at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Eagle vs Bolt - No Holds Barred 128

$ 34.75

Lightning Bolt vs Superman Eagle
"Bolt's back baby. This is Bolt's ring, undefeated!" Bolt flexes his muscles mocking the silent Eagle, "What you got on that? You got this perfectly chiseled chin, chest pokes out perfectly. Think you can sit here, not say nothing?" "Shut up!" Eagle covers Bolt's mouth, shoves him against the wall, and locks in a tight headlock, "I'm sick of hearing people talk!" Eagle gut punches and CHOKELIFTS Bolt parading him around the mat. "You got a strong grip!" Bolt coughs and gasps for air. The muscle giant decides to give Bolt a break and lets him gut punch his chiseled abs!Eagle feels nothing. "Are you Superman?" asks Bolt. "Yep!" The muscle Adonis hammerlocks Bolt and locks in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "I think I picked a fight with the wrong guy!" moans Bolt. Eagle flexes his powerful pythons and pats his tree trunk quads. Bolt tries to capitalise on the distraction and does a RUNNING CLOTHESLINE but bounces off Eagle's rock solid frame. Superman lifts Lightning Bolt in an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug and drops him into a standing head scissors. "My head is radiating pain!" pleads Bolt begging to be let go. "Eagle reigns at this place!" Bolt escapes and tries gut punching Eagle's impenetrable abs again, "I think you broke my wrist!" The muscle giant shows no concern and picks up Bolt in a devastating TORTURE RACK! Bolt's face is in pure agony as he's shaken up and down! "You're gonna pay for this!"
 "I'll give you something; what do you want to do?" asks Eagle. Bolt jumps on Eagle's side in a flying body scissors! Finally, Superman yells in pain and struggles to stand under the pressure! Bolt squeezes as hard as he can, but Eagle's pain is short lived as he is able to escape. "That was interesting. I might use that one if I wrestle someone bigger than me, but there's no one bigger than me!" boasts Eagle. "I don't know how I'm gonna beat you!" Eagle laughs, "You can't!" The muscle giant takes Bolt down in a vicious bow and arrow. "You're gonna break my back!" Superman wants to crush Lightning Bolt and delivers a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab. Bolt is screaming and being stretched beyond his limits, he TAPS OUT!
Bolt can barely stand clutching his aching body, "My back, my hands, my stomach!" Eagle is merciless, gut punches, and chokes his victim. "We're going for a little walk!" Eagle headlocks Bolt dragging him around the pool and RAMS his head into the rock fountain! The muscle giant wants to finish him off with a sleeper demanding he give up. "Never!" "I'm not gonna stop squeezing until you do!" Bolt passes out and is pushed into the pool. The shock of the water JOLTS him awake! 
"I'm gonna whoop you for that!" Lightning Bolt runs with blazing speed at Superman but is CHOKESLAMMED back into the pool. "Here I got you a towel!" Eagle goes to hand Bolt a towel but deviously CHOKES him with it. Bolt gasps for air and falls to the mat. Eagle takes a break from punishing his victim and sits with his feet in the pool. Bolt sneaks behind Eagle, clubs his thick chest, and locks in a tight headlock. "See this hand that you broke!" A massive BALL CLAW, Lightning Bolt has found Superman's weakness! The tides are turning, and the action continues: full nelsons, low blows, overhead presses, and SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors! Will Lightning Bolt's speed and dirty tricks help get him the win? Or will Superman Eagle's strength help him pull out the victory?