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Brian Cage bow and arrow Eagle big arms bicep nice abs pecs

Eagle vs Brian Cage - Ring Wars 15

$ 31.25

#1 Best Seller Feb. 2016

Brian Cage is up against another new guy in the ring, Eagle! He’s calling him out for being a fashion model and being too pretty, not enough muscle. Eagle just laughs it off, saying he’s a lot more than just his looks, and Brian Cage is ready to test that theory out. He immediately slams Eagle into the corner post before towering over him to start twisting his legs about. Eagle’s screaming but he’s not going to give up so easy. He resists and tries fighting back, but Brian is just too powerful. Brian knocks him flat onto his stomach and starts to torture his arm and hands this time, twisting him up and around and bending them in all sorts of dangerous positions. He leans over and grabs hold of his legs and starts to pull him backwards into a bow and Eagle is just dying, laying there helpless in pain. Brian takes the time to laugh and make fun of his tattoo before moving on to lock Eagle up into a figure four leg lock. Eagle’s in shock, he’s never been so dominated before and he’s in a lot of pain. Brian then decides to really show him what true pain is, and starts to stand on top of his legs before jumping up and crushing them with all his weight. Brian feels bad for the struggling Eagle, so he stands up and flexes around for awhile. He’s coming back to check on Eagle when Eagle makes a move, whipping behind Brian and pulling him into a full nelson. Brian’s the one caught off guard this time, he thought he had the match in the bag. Eagle’s pulling him up as much as he can, before he throws him against the ropes and starts to twist Brian’s arm around this time. HE’s getting all cocky, asking Brian if he’s going to be alright, but Brian’s just fine. He muscles his way out of the hold and throws Eagle against the corner post, before puling his arm back behind his head and trying to rip it out of the sockets! He’s loving working Eagle’s arms over, and he starts slamming them against the mat as hard as he can, then posting up on Eagle’s face to pull his arm away from his body. Eagle’s screaming, he’s trying to pull his arm back but the harder he pulls the more pressure Brian adds. This is an awesome match full of pro moves with the domineering Brian Cage. Model Eagle gets absolutely dominated all over the ring. If you like seeing pretty boys in pain, this is the match for you.