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Eagle vs Brix- BattleSpace 143

$ 34.75

It's torture, pain, and domination as Eagle unleashes a DARKNESS never seen before! A strange silence spreads across the arena as Brix and Eagle stand side by side ready to battle. Eagle SNAPS and grabs Brix by the throat forcing him into the wall for a grueling chokelift. Gasping for air, Brix is let go and slammed to the mat with an over-the-shoulder takedown. "You're gonna break me!" screams Brix as the crazed Eagle STRETCHES Brix's neck, arms, and legs trying to rip him apart. "That's the plan!" threatens Eagle as his victim feverishly taps out. Eagle flexes his rock-hard biceps and lifts Brix in a torture rack SHAKING him around nearly dropping Brix on his head! Deafening screams pierce the soundproof walls as a Boston crab, over-the-knee back breaker, dirty trick, bearhug, and GROIN-BREAKING banana split leave Brix motionless on the mat. His thirst for more pain growing, Eagle drags the injured Brix to his feet for a STANDING CRUCIFIX then bends Brix across his chiseled back dropping Brix on his face! "Haven't you had enough?" moans Brix struggling to breathe as Eagle wraps his quads of steel of Brix in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. The blood quickly rushing from his brain, Brix is taken down in the scissors struggling to stay conscious as the intense pressure builds! Hold on tight as bearhugs, a surprise twist, and one of the HOTTEST back-and-forth struggles you have ever seen, leave Brix and Eagle breathing hard and heavy for the win!