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Eagle vs Bronco - Custom Video Series 162

$ 34.75

Eagle is flexing and the mirror and..umm..*touching himself*...when he sees Bronco watching him. Eagle decides to give Bronco a closer look and take him to the mat. Bronco worships Eagle's shredded body and then surprises him with a rear sleeper! After choking Eagle unconscious, Bronco can worship the way he really wants. He strips Eagle of his shorts and rubs every inch of Eagle's rock hard muscles. Bronco gets comfortable and strips himself right when Eagle starts to wake up. Eagle is FURIOUS when he gets up. He grabs Bronco by the throat and throws him into a brutal full nelson! Bronco is helpless as Eagle bends him backwards into a dragon sleeper and chokes him. Eagle continues to drag Bronco further and further into his torture chamber making him yell out in pain! He uses his massive and defined arms to choke Bronco. Then Eagle uses his shredded quads to squeeze Bronco in a head scissors. 

When that isn't enough pain for Bronco, Eagle lifts him over his shoulders and lets the blood drain from Bronco's face. Bronco is in so much pain he can barely stand up! Eagle drills him with HARD gut punches dropping the rookie to his knees. Then Eagle stretches Bronco out showing off the rookie's sculpted abs. Eagle is still not satisfied and wraps Bronco in a vicious chest to chest bearhug. To squeeze even more air out of Bronco's lungs, Eagle uses a body scissors constricting his legs around Bronco's ribs harder and harder.

Bronco comes out of nowhere and hits Eagle with a brutal low blow. Then he lifts him in a choke lift before slamming him down on the mat.


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