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Eagle Brute lift carry abs arms

Eagle vs Brute Mini Revenge Custom Video Series 28B

$ 25.95

After Eagle was put to sleep so many times by Brute, he wakes up pissed off and looking for revenge. He gets a refresher with some water and is looking for some trunks to change out of before taking Brute on again, he finds a pair he likes, but before he can go change, Brute comes flying in out of nowhere! He starts slamming Eagle’s face against anything he can find and Eagle is stunned, no idea what’s going on. He manages to get up on Brute and slam Brute’s face once before Brute continues his onslaught. Eagle tries to run away, but Brute just catches him and begins crushing his face in the door. When Brute thinks he’s knocked Eagle out again, Eagle comes flying in through the door and starts bear hugging Brute, trying to crush the life out of him. Brute drags Eagle, still clinging on to his bearhug into the rest of the house, smashing his face into every wall. Eagle stumbles away from Brute for a second, only to smash Brute’s face against the fireplace, then come up behind him and get him into a full nelson. He’s looking to do anything to slow down Brute’s rampage and get the upper hand, but it isn’t going so well for him. Brute has a ton of stamina for such a big guy, and has no patience for Eagle fighting back. He begins crushing Eagle in the sliding glass door, before Eagle is able to throw him face first into a pole. This is a quick, intense match with a ton of pain and torture. If you enjoyed the first half in the sleeper match, you’ll love this finale!