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Eagle Brute full nelson abs pecs chest

Eagle vs Brute Sleeper Match -Custom Video Series 28A

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Brute is making fun of Eagle and his smaller stature, but Eagle isn’t worried, he’s ripped regardless. He just makes fun of Brute instead, and his mini mohawk. Brute is pissed at that, and starts grabbing Eagle and flipping him around by the head. Brute likes doing humiliating moves like that to show off his superior size and strength. Not anyone can flip a person over just from their head. After a few flips, he starts to bearhug and crush the life out of Eagle. Eagle starts getting weaker and weaker, falling to his knees as his strength is leaving him. Brute then jumps around and encases him in a sleeper hold, choking all the rest of the air out of him. Eagle struggles at first, but realizes it’s futile after awhile, and slowly starts passing out. His body goes limp as he’s losing consciousness and all his weight falls onto Brute who’s still holding strong. Brute takes him all the rest of way down onto the mat, and starts jolting him around, wrangling out any last air inside of Eagle. Eagle’s all the way gone now, and Brute gives a few more tugs just to be sure. He lets Eagle go, and he’s completely limp, Brute just gives him a tap and he collapses down. Brute flexes to show off his huge biceps that just knocked Eagle out. He trash talks the unconscious guy and lifts his arms up to test if he’s actually out or just playing around. Each time, his arm just immediately falls down to the mat. Brute’s bored now though, and so he wakes up Eagle so he can continue torturing and tormenting him. Brute’s become addicted to the feel of Eagle falling limp in his arms, and knowing he took all the air out of him. He’s in total control and he doesn’t want it to end. How many more times will Brute be able to choke the life out of Eagle before his appetite has been satiated?