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Eagle vs Caesar - Vegas Battles 118

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Eagle and Caesar are having a conversation about how Caesar has been hurting a few guys with cheap moves and improper form in his matches. Caesar brushes it off showing Eagle zero respect. Eagle is infuriated and grabs Caesar by his throat and the action is on from the jump! The two muscle studs tie up and go back and forth. Eagle gets control only to be reversed out by Caesar. Then Caesar gets control only to be outmuscled by Eagle. That is until Eagle's veteran experience takes over! He locks in a tight full nelson before dropping Caesar to the mat and slamming his fists into his abs. He then locks in a perfect camel clutch and begins to wear the rookie Caesar down. An attempted kick to the gut is countered by Eagle who locks in a smothering chest to chest bearhug. He then uses a vicious ab stretch to torture Caesar. However, Caesar isn't done just yet and uses a great technical hip toss to throw Eagle down. He jumps on top in a schoolboy pin and flexes. Eagle is not impressed at all and easily throws the rookie down. In a deja vu sequence, Eagle locks in an ab stretch only to be thrown down with a hip toss and flexed over. This time Eagle isn't having that and uses a thunderous gut punch to get Caesar off him. He then completes his ab stretch and uses a knee to the abs to launch Caesar across the mat! He continues his painful lesson with a standing head scissors. Caesar struggles and breaks free once on the mat and locks in a tight head scissors of his own squeezing Eagle's head between his quads. Ceasar has had enough of Eagle's pretty face and decides to mess it up. He grabs Eagle's nose and tries to rip it clean off his face! After a well earned break, Caesar relaxes almost falling asleep and Eagles wakes up flipping over him over and slamming his fists into his abs. He then stretches Caesar out over his knees torturing his already groggy opponent. The pain wakes Caesar up and he launches an attack! He puts Eagle in a tight full nelson before standing over him and flexing while also stomping down into Eagles abs and chest. Caesar is now ready to go again and shows off flexing. Eagle is over this match and is ready to finish Caesar off. He flexes his own muscles to show everyone just how much bigger he is before lifting Caesar into a punishing TORTURE RACK! He works Caesar over before throwing him down and stomping down as hard as he can! He flexes into the camera and then lifts Caesar in a behind the back bearhug thrusting his hips into Caesar to really squeeze all his air out. He then picks up the rookie and drops him down into an over the knee backbreaker finishing it off with a HARD gut punch! He then positions himself behind Caesar and stretches out his arms pushing his knee in the middle of his back. After slamming him down, Eagle drops down over Caesar using a humiliating no holds barred style schoolboy pin and flexes his defined arms and pecs. Eagle proceeds to work the rookie over showing him that he must respect the veterans at Thunders Arena! After Caesar "has his meat softened" (exact words from Eagle), Eagle lifts him in a brutal choke lift. He then pulls him off the wall into a chest to chest bearhug slowly squeezing the air out of the rookie. Will Caesar make it through Eagle? Or will he learn how to respect the veteran wrestlers at Thunders Arena?