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body builders bear hugging

Eagle VS Cap - Mat Wars 98 Mini Match

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

10 Minute MINI Match!

Mini-Match Mayhem!
Eagle and Cap flex for the camera. Cap looks at the BOULDER biceps of the 220lbs Eagle, "Not too bad, you wish your abs were like this though! I'll take you to the gym." Confidence is no problem for the much smaller 170lbs Cap. Eagle isn't impressed with Cap's physique, "I don't think you have a membership." Cap is quick to come back, "What's your name? Eagle? It's cuz of that nose!" NO ONE makes fun of Eagle's looks. This match is on!
Both tie up. Eagle picks up Cap, straddles him across his thick muscular back, and carries him around the mat. "Put me down you fat fuck!" Eagle is happy to comply, "Ok, I'll put you down!" and THROWS him down. Eagle picks Cap up in a rear bearhug then switches to a MASSIVE front bearhug! Cap moans, "Is that all you got?" Eagle squeezes TIGHTER. Cap realizes he should have shut his mouth, "I'm good!" and goes limp in Eagle's arms. The muscle giant throws Cap to the couch. "It's like carrying a baby!" Eagle picks up Cap in a bearhug, delivers an OVER THE KNEE BACK BREAKER, and GRINDS his elbow in Cap's chest. "Put me down!" moans Cap. 
Eagle releases his hold and pats his tree trunk quads. Surprisingly, Cap recovers and PICKS up the 220 pounder in a RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug! Eagle SCREAMS in pain. "God, you weigh too much!" moans Cap. They tie up again, and Cap PICKS UP Eagle in a MASSIVE rear bearhug! Cap's strength is impressive! He straddles Eagle's thick beefy chest and pins his arms down. However, Eagle's BOULDER biceps overpower Cap, and he PEC CLAWS Cap to break away.
Eagle PEC CLAWS Cap again making him stand up. The two tie up in a game of mercy. "You like those biceps?" Cap says admiring his own arms. Eagle wins this mercy contest and locks in a TIGHT body scissor. Cap screams, "Let go!" Eagle releases the hold and lets Cap get him in a headlock. BIG MISTAKE! The smaller Cap locks it in TIGHT taking the muscle beast down to the mat. He puts Eagle in a BACK-BREAKING bow and arrow. "You're gonna remember my name now. I'm gonna start calling you Pelican!" Eagle tries breaking the hold by gut punching Cap. "My abs are too strong!" 
Cap releases the hold, and both tie up again in game of mercy. "OHH my wrist!" screams Cap. Eagle picks up Cap in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "Alright, I'm done!" He circles Cap as he stands on the mat. "Like an eagle stalking its prey." Stupidly, Cap replies, "I thought it was pelican!" Eagle is PISSED and CHOKELIFTS Cap in the air. Will it be lights out for Cap, or will he come back and mount his revenge? Trust us, this mini-match is PACKED with action you gotta see!!!