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Eagle vs Cap - No Hold Barred 200

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Eagle is contemplating jumping down into the pool from his villa balcony. Cap walks up and suggests he just throws him down into it. Cap immediately goes to talking about how much bigger he is than Eagle and it would be easy for him to do. Eagle distracts Cap with another look at the pool and sneaks up behind him and clamps down a side headlock. A struggle starts until Cap throws a gut punch into Eagle's rock hard abs. A standing leg scissors has Eagle in danger until he fights his way up and stands with Cap in a fireman's carry over his shoulder. Eagle shows off by flexing and then sitting on top of Cap. He then pulls him up by his hair before shoving him back down into a standing headscissors. Eagle then lifts Cap upside down in a reverse bearhug. After throwing him down and getting in some flexing, Cap rushes Eagle and puts him in his own fireman's carry over the shoulder. Gaining more confidence, Cap locks in a tight full nelson lock pulling on Eagle's shoulders. The two wrestlers decide it is time to lock up. Cap gets the edge and puts Eagle in a reverse headscissors with Eagles face nudged up deep into Cap's thighs and glutes. He trades positions and bends Eagle in half testing his flexibility. Eagle has no choice but to play dirty! He grabs a ball claw that takes Cap down hard. He uses his advantage to put Cap in a No Hold Barred schoolboy pin before dropping down and doing his signature No Hold Barred style push ups over Cap's face. After taking a beating, Cap decides he has had enough and is over Eagle's arrogance. He plays dirty himself and hits Eagle with a low blow! He then locks in another standing headscissors trying to pop Eagle's head between his sculpted thighs. The dirty games continue when Eagle falls out and SLAAAPPPSSS Cap on his glutes HARD. He then pretends to help him up but gives him a knee to the gut. Locking in a body scissors with his huge thighs, Eagle deals more punishment while flexing for the fans at home. Cap attempts to fight back but cannot overpower Eagle. Eagle puts Cap in a humiliating schoolboy pin before stomping on his chest. He then spreads Cap's legs and forcefully puts his foot squarely between his legs. A VICIOUS LOW BLOW leads to a brutal chest to chest bearhug and Cap begins to fade in and out of consciousness. Cap eventually struggles out before he passes out. He reverses a bearhug and gets in a little damage before Eagle turns it back on and regains his impressive control of the match. He puts Cap in an intense choke lift before picking him up and dropping him down into a painful over the knee back breaker! Cap fights but cannot get any type of momentum with Eagle easily flexing and show boating for the camera. A powerful TORTURE RACK starts to spell the end for Cap. Can Cap rally once more and gain some momentum? Or will Eagle's total domination continue to impress everyone?