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Eagle puts Cash into a fireman carry at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Eagle vs Cash - No Holds Barred 176

$ 25.95

Get ready for one of the DIRTIEST matches we have ever filmed! "What the f***? You're not strong enough to hold me?" yells Cash teetering on the muscle beast's boulder shoulders seconds away from falling. "Break the damn light; it will be easier to get out!" orders Eagle struggling to hold the 220 pounder up changing the garage light. "Put me down! I told you to stop moving; you almost dropped me!" Pissed off, Cash wraps his quads of steel around the vet on his way down in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors dragging him to the mat. "Ahh my head!" groans Eagle as he is finally let go struggling to his feet, "You felt pretty lite while you were up there!" "Not compared to you big guy, f***ing guns, that chest, Mr. Hollywood Muscle!" admires Cash feeling out the Adonis's rock-hard bicep and beefy pec as he flexes. An argument erupts comparing Cash to a janitor sending him over the edge! Locking up, Eagle whips around the shredded hulk wrapping him in a tight headlock and CRUSHING belly to back bearhug. "Got a little strength going on! F***ing janitor? I'm gonna kick your a**!" groans Cash leaning over yanking the burly beast to the mat. "You're wrestling like it too!" mocks Eagle overpowering the 220 pounder with a RIB-CRACKING body scissors; his tree-trunk quads dig in deep as he gasps for air. "Go ahead, get a feel!" orders the Adonis flexing as Cash worships his meaty quads and chiseled abs, "You're so f***ing strong, so muscular!" Playtime is over; Eagle wraps his bulging bicep around his victim's throat in a guillotine choke taking him down for a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! "Let me out!" begs Cash; his face turns red as the intense pressure builds in his brain barely escaping before passing out, "About to choke me to death with those things, what the f***?" "I didn't come to get compliments from the janitor; I came to wrestle!" mocks Eagle. "You don't like my compliments pretty boy?" Furious, Cash hoists the Adonis in a massive shoulder carry SHAKING him up and down, "Wanna call me janitor? Change that lightbulb now huh!" The muscle beast groans in pain but soon recovers to his feet lifting Cash in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug and clamps on a vicious dirty trick! "You done f***ed up now pretty boy!" moans the shredded hunk delivering a dirty trick of his own stretching Eagle in a CRIPPLING camel clutch, "Don't do anything stupid; you'll get your f***ing neck broken! Stay right there!" Cash yanks back even harder; the veins in his arms pumped to the max ready to burst at any moment as the Adonis screams in agony and is dropped on his face, "Ahh my back, my neck!" "The janitor's whooping your a**!" flexes Cash as Eagle strikes with dirty tricks and a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab, "If that's the game we're gonna play, so be it!" A smack to the glutes has the muscle beast seeing red lifting the 220 pounder in a massive fireman's carry squatting him with ease before SLAMMING him on his back! Multiple dirty tricks ensue as both titans try and tear each other apart limb by limb! Cash breaks away rolling his prey into a brutal reverse head scissors. "Ahh my head!" screams Eagle; his captor relishing in his torture, "Tired now, huh big boy?" Struggling to break free, the action gets so intense that one wrestler gets injured, and FILMING STOPS! The camera resets just in time to catch an explosion of rage, "F***ing a**hole, you didn't mean to do that? Now I'm pissed!" Things get down and dirty as both gladiators rise to their feet, and Eagle barrels in for a RIB-SHATTERING belly to belly bearhug. "Ahh my back, these arms are so huge!" Powerless to escape, Cash crumbles to the mat and is rolled over for a grueling banana split, dirty trick, and STOMPS to the groin! "You just f***ing killed me!" Wobbling to his feet, the 220 pounder is picked up across Eagle's burly chest and dropped in a vicious over-the-knee back breaker; his bones splintering under the brutal hold before he is let go! Back on their feet, the non-stop action continues: a devastating sleeper, neck-breaking full nelson, grueling ab stretch, TORTURE RACK, and some of the dirtiest tricks you will ever see! One muscle hunk pleads for mercy, but his screams only fuel the winner's thirst for utter domination. "You're not dead yet? Time to clean up!"