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muscular men wrestling

Eagle vs Cason - Mat Wars 96

$ 31.25

Eagle is getting bigger and bigger! His boulder biceps, tree trunk quads, and chiseled abs are giving Cason a run for his money. Cason tries to take credit for Eagle's improvements saying it was because of his advice on how to eat. "I've had this long before you showed up at Thunders!" says Eagle. Cason admires his arms and says the hard stuff is because of him. Eagle has had it with Cason's trash talk and wants an old fashioned high school wrestling match!
Eagle starts in the ref's position on the mat letting Cason go first. "Show me what you got!" Cason takes him down and lays on top of him in a leg and headlock. "You're a big boy...Your quads are massive. You're heavy as fuck!" Cason plants all 230 pounds on top of Eagle and pulls his leg lock TIGHTER. Eagle taps. 
Cason rolls him over in a MASSIVE banana split. "My groin, my groin!" Eagle screams in pain. Eagle breaks out and puts Cason in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors! He then locks Cason's arm in a chicken wing. Cason tries to escape the hold but is slammed to the mat repeatedly. Eagle takes his tree trunk quads and puts Cason in a standing head scissors! "This bitch is big!" screams Cason. Eagle releases the hold, puts his knee in Cason's side then delivers a MASSIVE bow and arrow! Finally, Cason is able to break the hold and locks in his own head scissors. "My head!" moans Eagle. Cason rolls Eagle on his neck in a tight pin.
Eagle breaks away and GATOR-ROLLS Cason! He puts Eagle in a one legged Boston crab and locks it in tight! Cason kicks Eagle off, but his knee is DAMAGED!! He can't even put weight on it. Eagle can taste the blood in the water and knows he has the advantage now. "What do I do to you now?" Eagle puts Cason in a MASSIVE banana split yelling for Cason to give up. Cason is forced to tap!
Cason still is taking credit for Eagle's muscles. "You only look like that because of me!" Cason gets to his feet, but Eagle takes him down in repeated LEG SWEEPS using his bad leg. Cason keeps calling Eagle a bitch. BIG MISTAKE!! Eagle picks up his damaged leg and repeatedly slams his knee in the mat! Cason can't stand up. Eagle turns him over and delivers a VICIOUS camel clutch! Cason hasn't learned his lesson calling Eagle pathetic. Eagle GUT PUNCHES Cason's abs. When Eagle gets down on the mat, Cason tries to do a head scissors, but his legs give out. Eagle turns Cason over in a one legged Boston crab until Cason submits for the final time! The DAMAGE is done, and Eagle gets the W!! Add this muscle hunk clash of the titans to your collection today!!