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Eagle vs Deadlock - Halloween Havoc 2023 Part B

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Eagle is in the Halloween mood and is flexing and stretching on the mat when Deadlock decides to join the action! Deadlock is thrown on the mat by Eagle and begins to run his hands all over Eagle's rock hard body! The masked wrestlers spring into action taking the match to the mat and the fight gets dirty! Deadlock starts the dirty play with a ball claw nearly incapacitating Eagle! 

A series of exhausting bearhugs and dirty moves leads to Deadlock ripping off the straps to Eagle's singlet! But this does nothing but give Eagle a second wind! He snatches Deadlock off the mat into a torture rack! All you hear are the muffled yells of pain coming from Deadlock's mask! 

Eagle is now in full control. He rips the clothing from Deadlock's body limp by limp! Eagle unmercifully locks Deadlock in a dragon sleeper watching his body turn limp as he tears off Deadlock's clothing. Eagle's attitude turns aggressive and mean! He stretches Deadlock's body as far as it will go and slams his fists into Deadlock's abs full power! He throws Deadlock in a choke lift before bear hugging the air from his lungs!

Once both bodybuilders are stripped out their attire, both men are exhausted looking for a way to finish off their opponent. When one bodybuilder grabs a weapon to finish the job, he gets all he wants and MORE. Find out in this Halloween Special Video Today!