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Eagle over the knee backbreaker Zman tattoos pecs

Eagle vs Duende with Zman - Mat Wars 66

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

ZMan is back and he’s brought the human tank, Duende, with him!  ZMan plans to unleash his new protégé on Eagle, a challenge Eagle is happy to accept!  Duende and Eagle lock up hard and go to the mat, where Eagle catches Duende in a headlock.  ZMan acts like the sexiest Bond villain ever as he oversees his henchman and barks orders to him in Spanish, telling him to get up and show his power!  Duende, eager to impress his master, does just that and traps Eagle in a crushing bearhug!  Too early for a submission, Duende releases Eagle and flexes an impressive double bicep pose.  ZMan knows this is a rookie mistake and Eagle knows it too, coming up behind and clamping a Full Nelson on the rookie wrestler!  More instructions from ZMan and Duende scoops Eagle over his shoulders like he’s nothing, spinning him round before dropping him to the mats!  Eagle slugs Duende in the midsection before catching him in a front headlock.  ZMan coaches his protégé from the sidelines as the massive beast lifts Eagle over his shoulder again!

Eagle shows his own power as he lifts Duende over his shoulders, Duende’s awesome massive legs looking colossal next to Eagle’s chest!  Seriously, this guy is HUGE!  A missed spear attempt and Duende finds himself caught in Eagle’s bodyscissors!  The fitness model pours everything he has into the crushing hold, every muscle on his body standing out in stark relief as he strains to put the big man down!  A hard elbow to the ribs and Duende escapes, only to be caught in a rear bearhug!  ZMan is in the background, looking ready to assist, when Duende drops Eagle in a STUNNER!  Capitalising, Duende wraps his enormous quads around Eagle’s body and starts to crush the life out of him!  Eagle can feel his ribcage caving in, but Duende isn’t done as he releases him, scoops him up and slams him down in an over-the-knee BACKBREAKER!  ZMan clearly has an axe to grind as he instructs his henchman to “Punish him”!  A rear choke has Eagle in trouble!

Duende releases him, again flexing for the camera and his master!  Eagle again uses the distraction to take Duende down, pausing to do some flexing of his own!  ZMan has finally had enough, blindsiding his nemesis with a double-handed SLEDGEHAMMER!  Eagle is floored and trapped in ZMan’s scissors as Duende flexes overhead – HOT! This match just became a 2-on-1 handicap match!  Atomic drops, surfboards, scissors, cheap-shots – Eagle is put through the wringer by the vengeful ZMan and his right-hand man!  Eagle is no slouch though, fighting back and racking ZMan, his eyes taking on a wild look as if he’s unleashing some inner beast!  Eagle sinks his talons into the duo with savage Pec Claws! Will it enough to tame the Beauty and his beast?  Or will the Eagle finally fall prey to the numbers game and be forced to submit to the villains’ onslaught?  Buy this hot match today and find out!